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LOVE CLUBS, INC! Century Books

By Blake, Ph.D., Roger

Cleveland: K.D.S.. 1966. pp. 'A shiocking expose on today's way-out, fast-spreading erotic kick: the multiple sex orgies!' Includes: The Sex Club Syndrome. The Apartment Club. The Inter-racial Club. The Male Homosexual Club. The Lesbian Club. The Office Club. The Jet-Set Club. The Correspondence Club. The Teen-age Club. The College Club. The Neighborhood Bar Club. The Vacation Club. The Professionally Organized Club. The Housewives Club. Love Clubs and the Sexual Revolution: A Psychological Study. CB009 Paperback. Shelfwear. Very good



By Vassi, Marco (Fred Vassi)

New York: Carlyle Communications, Inc.. 1977. 238 pp. An erotic novel. Inscribedby the author to the noted photographer Charles Gatewood, dated in the year of publication. Paperback. Some shelfwear, rubbing to the covers. Very good



By Hartley, Stan

Valencia, CA: Gourmet. n.d.. 160 pp. A pornographic novel. A reprint edition. TWN3001 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good



By Willeford, Charles

New York: Softcover Library, Inc.. 1967. 1st printing. 191pp+ads. 'Any guy with the price of a drink could have her for the night... Why did ine man want her for a lifetime?'. B1060S-K Paperback. Shelfwear. Very good



By Cohen, Genghis

London: Olympia Press. 1972. 156 pp. A pornographic novel. 'In a laboratory in Arkham Massachusetts magic spectacles are being developed - it seems that when you put them on you open the door to every erotic dream. Pictures come to life, and beautiful models are more sensuously accommodating than you ever hoped.' Previously published by the Olympia Press, New York in 1971 as part of the Ophelia Press Series. Original wrappers. Shelfwear. Very good



By Smythe, R. John

San Diego: Greenleaf Classics. 1970. 159 pp+ad. An erotic novel. 'The sequel to The Conception.' Note die-cut "peek-a-boo" cover, with hole in the camera lens framing the picture beneath. GD813 Paperback. Shelfwear; rubbing to covers, but edges of die- cut hole unharmed. Very good


IN SEARCH OF LUST Greenleaf Classic

By Savage, Steve

San Diego: Greenleaf Classics. 1969. 191pp. A pornographic novel. 'Dwight liked silks and women - together. He was a wealthy maestro of sensuality, and like most maestros, was always seeking new challenges...'. GC387 Paperback. Light shelfwear; a few page- ends turned down. Very good



By Alexander, Marsha

Sun Valley, CA: American Art Enterprises, Inc.. 1990. 159 pp.+ ad. Bibliography. A pornographic novel. Originally published in 1974 by Barclay House. Cover: Tara Aire. GSX208 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


LOVE OR LUST A Midwood Book

By Clements, Mark

New York: Tower Publications. 1964. 155 pp. + ads. Pulp erotica. From the cover: She was his wife's sister, an oversexed little minx who mocked his marriage and challenged his manhood and forced him to choose between LOVE OR LUST!'. F354 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good



By Stone, Sam

Valencia, CA: Gourmet. n.d.. 160 pp. A pornographic novel. A young California woman and her best friend are 'willing to try' anything! A reprint edition. SF1006 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


LIVE, LUST AND BE HORNY [Swinging Both Ways, aka Penny's Sense of Seduction] | LOVERS AT LARGE [Nymphs at Play, aka The Hostage Mistress] A Beeline Double Novel

By Buren, Van / Jeff Erson

New York: Carlyle Communications. 1986. 191 + 188pp. Two pornographic novels. Reprints two books under different titles. Rubber-stamp to copyright page from publisher, listing publication history. DN7162 Paperback. Shelfwear; small hole-punch to corner of cover. Very good



By Vann, Harry

Valencia, CA: Gourmet. n.d.. 154 pp. A pornographic novel. A reprint edition. Rocco Balboni is a heavyweight champion - and he's training on a diet of beautiful women!. Cover: Nikki Dial. TWN3007 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


JET SET STUD Idle Hour Books

By Hudson, Dean

San Diego: Corinth Publications. 1965. 190 pp. An erotic pulp / sleaze novel. "To live well he had to sin well!." IH446 Paperback. Some warping to body near spine, small tear at base of back cover.



By Snavely, Adam

New York: Kozy Books. 1961. 159 pp. A vintage erotic / sleaze novel. Beatniks on the cover! K124 Paperback. Shelfwear. Very good



By Staples, John

New York: Star Distributors. n.d. [c. 1970]. 190 pp. + ads. A pornographic novel. 'The only governing this governess did was over Richard's sex education.'. LV809 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


THE REAL COOL KILLERS Berkley Medallion Books

By Himes, Chester

New York: Berkley Publishing Corporation. 1966. 159 pp.+ ad. "A wild mixture of sex, humor, and rapid action." A Coffin Ed Johnson - Grave Digger Jones novel by the author of PINKTOES. F1262 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Former owner's name. Very good



By Woolfe, Byron

Fresno: Saber Books. 1959. 144pp.+ads. "Refused by his wife, Harry felt his desires were undeniable, however timid or bold they might be.' Of note: title page states: Designed and Prepared by Mid-Tower Publishing Corp. Also of note: first few pages are slightly miscut, not affecting the text, but allowing one to see some printer info in the margin: from this it can be seen that BOLD DESIRES was printed on the same sheets as OUT OF DARKNESS. SA10 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good



By Jester, Wilford

n.p.: No Publisher. 1969. 142pp. + ads [+32pp. color photos]. Illustrated with 32 pp. sexually- explicit color photographs. A pornographic novel. Includes many ads from Central Sales, Baltimore. Photos in the style of Tudor House publications of the period. PP126 Paperback. Light shelfwear; crease to cover. Very good



By Allott, Millard [Lee Garfield]

n.p.: No Publisher. n.d. [c.1970]. 188pp. + ads [+16pp. color photos]. Illustrated with sexually-explicit color photographs. A reprint of another pornographic novel under different covers and title, with the addition of photos. The foreword describes the action, detailing a young executive's "Lust for Success" and his wife's willingnesss to go to any lengths to help him; refers to the author as "Lee Garfield". This corresponds to a book published by Classic Publications. Includes ads from Classic Mail Service, Los Angeles. Photos include black models, interracial sex, and an African-American couple. 01872 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good



By Nunne, Kim

Cleveland: TWN [Trans World News]. n.d.. 154 pp. A pornographic novel. 'Brunette Lisa Wright was ready for anything that was sensual... but that didn't include partying with the Mob!' Same format as seen in reprint editions from Gourmet (Valencia, CA) and Sensual Fantasies (Dallas), TX). TWN3012 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


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