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TIT FOR TAT Stag Books

By """Stearns, Morgan"""

Publisher's Consultants. 1970-80’s. STG321 . Paperback. Shelfwear. Very good


BIG MAN...ON THE BEAT Original Manuscript Series

By """Williams, Jack"""

New York: Star Distributors. 1969. 175 pp. + ad. A pornographic novel. An early Star title. T1 Paperback. Shelfwear. Very good


SHE-MASTER. Photo Illustrated Olympic Foto-Reader

By """Walker, Enid"""

New York: Olympic Foto-Reader / B.B. Sales Co.. 1967. """160pp, illustrated from b/w photographs. Erotic fiction. """"Women become her LOVE SLAVES... Men were her playthings... The BOLD and BIZARRE story of a dominant female in the warped world of show business... Janis hated men -- only one could satisfy her strange desires, but only after he had been transformed into a 'She Male.'."""" F102""" ""Paperback. Shelfwear; some chipping to edges of cover, foxing to covers and end- papers; interiors otherwise clean and tight. Fair""


HEAD COACH'S BOY Gaytimes Book Club

NY: Star Distributors. 1980-90s. A gay pornographic novel. NM68 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


SATANIC VIRGIN Satan’s Library

New York: Star Distributors. 1979. 180 pp.+ads. SL116 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good



By """Hopson, Carl"""

New York: Star Distributors. 1975. """187pp.+ads. """"The art students teased each other into a state of quivering lust and simmering desire.."""" M4044""" Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


TRUCKER'S BOY Gaytimes Book Club

NY: Star Distributors. 1980-90's. A gay pornographic novel. NM59 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good



By """Shorte, Stanley"""

New York: Star Distributors. 1973. """190pp. + ads. A pornographic novel, told in case history form. """"The feel of black skin pressed close to smooth white skin was the most erotic thrill in their lives.."""" LL23""" Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good



New York: Star Distributors. 1983. 170pp+ads. Illustrated with b/w drawings. A gay pornographic novel. RT539 Paperback. Light shelfwear. Very good


THE CHAINED! The Orpheus Series

By """Granamour, A. de"""

New York: Bee-Line Books. 1968. """187 pp. + ads. A pornographic novel. """"She was the instrument of her own debasement!."""" OB507""" ""Paperback. Shelfwear; rubbing to covers, browning to interiors. Good only""


THE VELVET TRAP The Orpheus Series

By """Vanek, C.B."""

New York: Bee-Line Books. 1968. """187 pp. + ads. A pornographic novel, including female domination, feminization, flagellation, and bondage. OB554K""" Paperback. Shelfwear; some chips to head and foot of spine. Else very good


THE HOUSES OF RISING SIN Traveller's Companion Series

By """Kainen, Ray [Ray Kainulainen]."""

New York: Olympia Press. 1969. 185pp. + ads. A pornographic novel. TC458 ""Paperback. Light shelfwear; some rubbing to top and bottom of spine, and along bottom of front cover. Very good""



New York: Manor Books. 1973. """191 pp. Introduction by Pete Hamill. Illustrated with photographs. Profile of Linda Lovelace, Carol Kyzer. The trial of The People of New York vs Mature Enterprises, Inc. Plus the feminist pro-Linda, Pro-porn position, in an article entitled Women's Lib vs Throat. The decision of Jude Tyler from the trial. 29100""" ""Paperback. Shelfwear, with some small chips to back cover, satin to bottom edge of first few pages, and age-toning to interiors. Good""



By """Crowell, Anthony"""

North Hollywood: Brandon House. 1968. """158pp.+ads, introduction, bibliography. 'A frank and startling study of how the housewife introduces bizarre deviations into marriage'. 2073""" ""Paperback. Shelfwear, browning to pages. Good""


CIRCUS OF FLESH The Orpheus Series

By """Arjay, Scott"""

New York: Bee-Line Books. 1969. 185 pp. + ads. A pornographic novel. 'A strange obsession drove him to find his answer in lust...'. OB544Z Paperback. Shelfwear. Very good


SAX MAN'S MISTRESS Narcissuc Series

By """Kent, Ron"""

San Diego: Publisher's Export Co.. 1969. 168 pp. + ads. A pornographic pulp / sleaze novel feauting a debauched jazz musician and his groupies. N168 Paperback. Shelfwear; ding to fore- edge. Very good



By """Lyons, May"""

"""Gardena, CA""": """E.L. Publishing Co., Inc.""". 1971. """169 pp.+ads. A pornographic novel. Includes bestiality, an orgiastic bacchanalia with a female centerpiece, filled with sauages and vegetables, lesbianism, incest, and some gambling to round out the list of vices. K- 8""" ""Paperback. Shelfwear, browning to pages. Fair""


THE SHAME GAME Illustrated

By """Blinn, Daniel"""

Atlanta: Pendulum Books. 1970. """191pp+ads. A pornographic novel. Illustrated with b/w photographs. """"Charlotte was older and more experienced, with an insatiable appetie for the bizarre. Phil was young and fairly innocent at first, but then he becam a willing and eager pupil. Together, on a treadmill of never-ending desire the yinvestigated every form, of sexual gratification. Things you never heard of...."""" 0-185""" ""Paperback. Shelfwear, some rubbing to covers, else very good""


"""WHITE BODIES, BLACK LUST""" The Orpheus Series

By """Henry, Martin"""

New York: Bee-Line Books. 1968. 152 pp. + ads. A pornographic novel. 'A black stud tells all about his white bed partners!'. OB542Z Paperback. Shelfwear. Very good


THE SKIN BOOK Traveller's Companion Series

By """Vanek, C. S. [Chris Castberg]"""

New York: Olympia Press. 1969. 178pp+ads. No. 449 in the New York Traveller's Companion series. An erotic novel with themes of female domination and transvestism. TC449 ""Paperback. Shelfwear, with some rubbing to covers, minor foxing to spine. Internally very good""


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