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Russia - Fiction From KALAMOS BOOKS


Dmitri and the One-Legged Lady
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Dmitri and the One-Legged Lady

By Pearce, Michael

London: HarperCollins, 1999. "A dreamy province of Tsarist Russia. An ambitious young lawyer of Scottish-Russian descent anxious to make his way. And the One-Legged-Lady, one of the most important ikons in the district, goes missing. Exactly how important she is, the sceptical Dmitri, whose task it is to track her down, comes to see". First Pbk.Ed.. Pbk. As New.


Journey Across Three Worlds: Science-Fiction Stories

By Abramov, Alexander & Gurevich, G et al

Moscow: Mir, 1973. Original edition Seven stories by Russian writers ... "Soviet SF lies well within the mainstream of Soviet writing, generally, and is as diverse in theme and imagery. In the fifty odd years of its existence, its course has been a chequered one, veering with all the turns in the tide of Soviet history, particularly during the times of the First Five -Year Plan and World War Two, but more so, when Sputnik shot up to furrow the unexplored outer fields of space... "396p. illus.. First Thus. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Very Good. Illus. by Translation Gladys Evans.