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New Mexico's Prized Recipes From the Albuquerque Tribune's Great Green Chili Cooking Classic

by Gins, Patricia; Villella, Lynn (Ed.)

Book condition: Good

Book Description

The Albuquerque Tribune, 1974 SC good - 1974 The Albuquerque Tribune. Soft Cover. Good.

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Great Green Chili Cooking Classic : New Mexico's Prized Recipes from Albuquerque Tribune's [Specialty A Cookbook / Recipe Collection / Compilation of Fresh Ideas, Traditional / Regional Fare, Comprehensive Cooking Instructions + Techniques explained]

Lynn B. Villella / Patricia Gins / Tim Gallegly

Soiled Covers / Pages: The Albuquerque Tribune 1974, 1974. Paperback : soft cover edition in good plus condition, a typical used book with slight wear to edges and spine. Some minor bumping or creases. Overall good / nice copy of this scarce title. Excellent reading on the subject. A good book t... more

  • Published : 1974
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