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Where to find an ISBN number

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ISBN numbers are found on back cover of most books near the UPC symbol or barcode. This 10 or 13 digit number uniquely identifies the book.
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Note:  If you cannot find the book's ISBN number by the UPC or barcode, be sure to check inside the book where the copyright information is contained. Books published before 1970 will not have an ISBN number.


What Is An ISBN Number?

An ISBN number is the "International Standard Book Number" which is a unique ten or thirteen digit number that is assigned to every printed book. A book's ISBN number identifies the title and the publisher of the book it is assigned to.

All books printed after 1970 have been assigned a unique ISBN number. ISBN's allow you to search for a specific format as well since most ISBN numbers are different for the soft cover and hard cover version of a book. For even more information, check our article on What is an ISBN?

Our unique multiple ISBN search allows you to enter one or more ISBN numbers to be searched for simultaneously.'s ISBN Search helps you find the right title, every time.