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From antique books co-authored by Archimedes to more modern tomes on the math of astronomy, there are plenty of rare and antique math books for anyone who is passionate about the study and practice of mathematics. Our booksellers have collected a fantastic selection of rare math books that can be found below in the Biblio Rare Book Room, including various ephemera and signed documents sure to increase the value of anyone's rare and antique book collection.

Divina Proportione

Divina Proportione by PACIOLI, Luca


Summa de Arithmetica

Summa de Arithmetica by Pacioli,Luca


Monumenta omnia mathematica (1685) + Opera quae extant (1615)

Monumenta omnia mathematica (1685) + Opera quae extant (1615) by ARCHIMEDES Syracusani [ Maurolico ]


Opera Quaedam Reliqua

Opera Quaedam Reliqua by SIMSON, Robert