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An Atlas of Fantasy

by Jeremiah Benjamin Post

ISBN: 9780883580110 / 088358011X

Hardcover; Baltimore: Mirage Press, 1973;

CONTENTS: Eden -- Mappa geographiae naturalis -- Attack of love -- Atlantic Ocean -- Schlaraffenlande -- Disproportionate maps -- Map of matrimony -- Course of Truelove River -- Map of a great country -- Gospel Temperance Railroad Map -- Two roads from the cradle to eternity -- Hell -- Road to Hell -- Pilgrim’s Progress -- Creed crusher -- Slobbovia -- Alimentary canal -- Hi-Iay Islands -- Mouseland -- Environs of Toad Hall -- Pooh’s Turf -- Sea of Dreams -- The lands beyond -- Island of Tangerina and Wild Island -- Knee deep in thunder -- Beneath the hill -- Secret world of Og -- Swallows and Amazons -- Land Between the Mountains -- Fairyland -- Babyland -- Oz and environs -- Voyages of Lemuel Gulliver -- Allestone -- Mysterious Island -- Chairman Island -- Treasure Island -- Quivera -- Barsetshire -- Baskerville Hall -- Jefferson, Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi -- Raintree County -- Strackenz -- Utopia -- Islandia -- Middle-earth -- Barsoom -- Pal-ul-Don -- Land of the Ant Men -- Onthar and Thenar -- The lost empire -- Amtor (Venus) -- Pellucidar -- The Moon -- Beyond the farthest star -- Caspak and Caprona -- Wild Island -- Poictesme -- Narnia -- The Three Kingdoms and Ouroboros Country -- Honoy and Nordanay -- Hyborian Age -- Lankhmar in the land of Nehwon -- Dalarna -- Prydain -- The Witch World -- Earthsea -- Atlantis -- Land where no man goeth -- Tyros -- Dilfar and environs -- The Young Kingdoms -- Kanthos, Sulmannon and Anzor -- Commonwealth -- The Interior World -- Arkham -- The dream world of H.P. Lovecraft -- Hyperborea -- Zothique -- The dying earth -- Lemuria -- Simrana -- The Severn Valley at Brichester -- Map of Jophan’s quest -- Mongo -- Mars -- The worlds of Captain Future -- Mafrica.

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