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Comic Books & Graphic Novels

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It probably should not come as a shock, but the staff members at Biblio love comic books and graphic novels. We're a pretty geeky bunch, and we all have our favorites. Lucky for us, we get to spend some of our time at work checking out the best comics and graphic novels our Biblio booksellers have to offer. The world of comic books and graphic novels is wide and complex, but we have everything you need to grow your collection!

Building Your Comic Book Collection

With the recent surge in mainstream popularity for comics and graphic novels, it's easier than ever before to get great access to your favorite works. While it may be tempting to start buying up all the comics you can, you may want to consider narrowing your focus as you grow your collection. For instance, many discerning collectors of comics recommend starting with just a favorite character or team, such as Batman by DC Comics or Guardians of the Galaxy of the Marvel Universe. To familiarize yourself with these characters, start looking for all the available comics that feature these superheroes, then start looking for the more rare and valuable copies to begin collecting.

Like any hobby, collecting comics can be as inexpensive or expensive as you wish. Comics are released by issue and printing, and like books, the earlier and more scarce the printing, the more they tend to rise in value. For instance, the most expensive comic book ever sold was Action Comics 1 for a cool $2.89 million. Empire Online explains that only about 100 copies of this famous issue are available, and since it features the fist mention of Superman, it marks the introduction of one of the most famous superheroes we know. Now, if you don't want to spend close to $3 million dollars on a comic book, you can purchase a reprint of the comic for a lot less money. Of course since reprints are not nearly as valuable as the original issue, reprints are not as collectible.

The Rising Popularity of the Graphic Novel

While not the same, graphic novels are closely related to comic books. Like comics, graphic novels are comprised of illustrated panels with characters using speech bubbles, but unlike most comic books, graphic novels are comprised of a typical narrative structure that includes a beginning, middle, and end. Whereas the plot lines and character development of comics can stretch over the entire lifetime of the comic series, most graphic novels are meant to be enjoyed as singular works of literature.

In the genre of illustrated literature, graphic novels played second fiddle to comics for a long time until 1992 when the by Art Spiegelman won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Maus was the first graphic novel to be awarded such an honor, and its win proved that graphic novels could be just as thought provoking and riveting as typical fiction novels.

Biblio's Collection of Comic Books and Graphic Novels

We are lucky to work with so many booksellers who have such varied interests and inventories. If you are interested in building your collection of comics and graphic novels, look no further than the links below to help you get started. If you already are an aficionado of the comic and graphic novel world, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to guest blog for Biblio, look here for more information.