Judy Blume (1938 – )

Born February 12th, 1938, Judy Blume is an American author of children's and young adult books.

Blume was one of the first authors for young people to write about taboo subjects such as drugs, sex, death, and menstruation, in such iconic books as Are You There God? It's Me Margaret (1970), Blubber (1974) Tiger Eyes (1981), and Forever (1975). Her books have sold over 82 million copies and won numerous awards, although they are frequently challenged.

As with most books hitting the banned list – some of Judy Blume’s works have grown so much in popularity that they are a rite of passage for many readers. People over multiple generations point to finding a love of reading within the well-worn pages of one of her novels.

A documentary about the author, Judy Blume, Forever, will be released on Prime Video on April 21, 2023.

Books by Judy Blume

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Jugo De Pecas

Spanish version of Freckle Juice