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Make your own clamshell box for books

Some money-saving links to resources on preserving and caring for your rare books without hurting your wallet!

Making a Clamshell Box by Journeys in the Bibliosphere

In answering a question from a customer recently, I stumbled across this great blog post on making your own clamshell box from a librarian / bookbinder / book artist. And, in fact, in looking about the author’s site, I found a tremendous wealth of great information on do-it-yourself preservation tips for “budgety” (my wife’s cleverly coined alternative to “cheap”) bibliophiles such as myself.

Anyone interested in this sort of hands-on preservation for their collection absolutely must pick up a copy of The Care and Feeding of Books by Bern Marcowitz and Margot Rosenberg. Aside from being one of our favorite people with whom to knock about Manhattan for an evening, Bern is a tremendously resourceful, practical, and clever bibliophile. You can often catch an exclusive article from Bern and Margot in our blog. Recently, they covered To Clean or Not to Clean – a great look at options available for restoring a classy look to your books.

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