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Shop local used bookstores – online

The introduction of our bookstore search engine.

Updated July 2020: Biblio.com has expanded and grown over the years! We now have many options for shopping our network of indie booksellers:

Our original post from 2009:

Find an independent used bookstore near you!

(and shop their books online – or off)

Enter your 5-digit zip code:

We’ve long meant to provide a way that customers can search the combined inventory of their local independent used bookstores online. We’re pretty pleased to have that pet project off the ground over at Biblio.com – even if only for U.S. bookstores at present. So, head on over to Biblio.com, find local used bookstores near you, and search their combined inventory online.  I promise its very geeky-cool for book people.

Whether you buy books online using Biblio.com, or head down the road and visit their shops, we want you to join us in supporting independent bookstores! Don’t forget to bookmark the page for future use, or share with your friends!

And, if you’re looking for local, independent new bookstores, be sure to bookmark the ABA’s IndieBound, too.


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