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Announcing: We STILL accept Multiple image uploading by FTP.

We’ve made multiple image uploading by FTP more flexible than ever before to make your work that much easier.

Most Biblio booksellers already know about the convenience of uploading images to Biblio by FTP.  That has been a great way to get a photo attached to a listing easily.

Many of you also know that we added an option to upload more than one image per listing by FTP.

Recently, we’ve had some questions  about how to send multiple images for a book by FTP.  The naming system that booksellers have been using with Biblio is this:

first image 0123.jpg

second image 0123_1.jpg

third image 0123_2.jpg

We’ve now had several requests recently from booksellers who are using a naming convention to work with other book sites:

first image 0123.jpg

second image 0123_2.jpg

third image 0123_3.jpg

To make sure that Biblio’s system works for what booksellers need, we’ve now adjusted our ftp image uploading system to work with what a bookseller wants to send, including some custom naming conventions that booksellers have setup to work with their own websites.
All you need to do is drop an email to and let us know how you what system you are using to name your image.  We will customize your account to handle your  image naming conventions that you are already using in most all cases.  Just make sure to email us in advance so we know how to handle your image names before you start sending your images.


  • Hello,I’v just read stephen’s article on uploading multiple image of books. and maybe it explains why in our recent upload there is only 1 image perbook. I sent them123, for the first,123b for the second, 123c for the third etc which is what you advised before. can you adapt what I sent or do I need to change the code for them all? I hope not I will of course change code for future uploads

  • Great news but my email bounced when I attempted to use your link to bookseller_support. I then sent a message via the website and it looks as though the email should be sent to bookseller-support… (ie a – not a _)

  • The free utility Bulk Rename Utility is useful for adjusting filename formats. I’ve used it for other purposes but I believe it should be able to convert 123b.jpg to 123_1.jpg, etc.

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