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  • I am looking for a children’s book my husband had in the 1940’s.

    It was about some men and their troubles with their cars.

    I think it was called–

    The Red, White, and Blue Auto
    The Little Red White and Blue Auto

    I don’t know the author.

    It is about their cars breaking down, and they use the parts of all three to make one new, workable car which they all ride in together.

    The men are Mr. White, Mr. Blue, Red, and Mr. Head.

    The owner of the factory where they work I think is Mr. Head. He says his car not working is unsatisfactory for the head of a factory.

    Mr. Blue blubbers, “Now, I have gone and burned up all my rubber.”

    I need help finding out the true title and the author.


    • This sounds to me that it is an American book, because I never recall cars being called AUTOS in England and I think it would have been the norm in my house prior to WW2, with two brothers more than intersted My apologies if I am on an American page.
      I am searching for a BERO cook book that we all used when we got married. Even now, it would be lovely to find that little book of basic baking.
      I hope that you find your Auto book. Good luck.

    • Hi Martha. Did you find your wanted book? If not, I think I might have unearthed it. Kindly let me know. I operate an out-of-print Booksearch Service & have done so, for over 40 years.

      Kind regards. Geoff

  • Searching for textbook for PGCE studies. J Roden 2005 Science Matters.

    Any condition copy (must be readable !)

    Any help appreciated as Uni term starts soon.

  • I am looking for books (second or new) written in Spanish. My wife is Spanish and we are unable to purchase Spanish novels etc locally.

  • I have the complete set of volume 1-24 of the Marshall Cavendish International Wildlife Encyclopedia the copyright on it is 1988 I have the ISBN number too and when I type it in it brings up the 1991 or the 2002 copyright edition. If anyone has any ideas of why I can’t find this copyright year for this set please let me know. Thanks

  • I am searching for a few high school and college yearbooks. How can I locate these out of print books.

    Class of 1981 – Madison High, Houston, TX
    Class of1989 – Southern University, Baton Rouge, La
    Class of 1982-83 – Prairie View A

    • Hello, did you have any luck finding the book? I was good friend to Vic Ducker when I lived in Oxfordshire

  • I am looking for book -Case-based geriatrics review : 500 questions and critiques from the Geriatrics review syllabus.

  • I am looking for a children’s book that my boyfriend read in the 1980s. Probably an easy or chapter book. All he remembers is that the story ends with someone, likely a grandfather, blowing up the house with flatulence. Any ideas?

  • When I search for “Most recently added” books, why do books in which the “copy is no longer available” come up listed first?

  • I am searching for a children’s book I had when I was very young. I’m not sure of the title or author, but will recongnize it if I see it. It’s about Hayfoot, Strawfoot, Left Foot, Right Foot. It’s also about children walking to school and picking up other children along the way. They all say “Hayfoot, Strawfoot”. I can remember some of the pictures very vividly. Not sure what happened to my book. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have been searching for a book I read as a teen, It was fairly old then which was around 1969 or 70. It was about a group of teens who went spelunking, and got trapped in the caves, when they came out another way they were in a valley of dinosaurs. Anyone have any suggestions. Can’t remember title or author. In my 40s I learned my sister had been searching for years for the same book. If it impressed us that much it had to have impressed others the same way.

  • Looking for a book I read as a young girl in the 1960’s. I am not sure of the title or author. The story is about a girl, about 13 years old or so who lives somewhere where it is very dusty and tornadoes are common (OK maybe?) She plants an apple tree and has to protect it from the weather, hail, animals (pigs I think) and locusts. Her goal is to make an apple dumpling (like her grandmother).

    This book made such an impression on me and I have been looking for it for several years. I read it about 40 years ago.

    Thanks for any help given.

  • prior comment/question on search criteria
    is no longer relevant for me. The issue
    has been cleared up. Thank you.

  • have you got,where the buffalo roamed,by e.l.marsh.with introducdions by beth m.a author of setkirk settlers in real life,and the making of the canadian west,with illustration from paintings by paul kane and from photo and drawings,toronto william briggs 1908.

  • I was in to same kind of situation before few months and I did search a lot for it but couldn’t find exact book, but once in a books club website I got a comment on my post about Online Books store fro which we can find such books easily. All Best Selling Books , in Famous authors , etc were listed in that website. If you want you can check online it would help you.


  • I am looking for the book Little House on the Prairie in Norwegian. I believe the name is lite hus på prærien or hus på prærien. Thank you for your help.


  • I am looking for the kenneth boa’s book, the title of the book is Cults World Religions And You.I believe that you are the only network can help me to get the copils of that book.Please help me for get it.Thank you for your support.

  • Hi, I am searching for some home ec or child development textbooks that would have been in circulation around 1999 or 2000. These were high school textbooks used in Louisiana schools. i don’t have much memory of what they look like exactly but i do believe they were hard cover books. Thank for any help.

  • You sent me the book I was looking for. “Tales of the Secret Service” by Harold C., Keyes…1927. I took a long shot and hoped that it was the one inscribed to my father…Harold E. Fendler. It wasn’t. Are you able to search for the one with his name?

  • I am looking for a book called From Richmond to Richmond by Mary V Zielinski. Published in 1990 by Robert D. and Dora Kallaus. It is a book on the history of Richmond, Iowa. I believe it is a soft cover book.

  • The multiple isbn search is nice. It found results for a handful of books, but the list had to be manually scanned against the input list to identify which items were not found.

    When searching textbooks bundled with student access codes for interactive study, will the search consider separate components?
    Note: two components often have independent isbn #s and a third isbn # for the bundle. Also, students can not use the interactive product and then transfer ownership like a text.

  • Hello I have a John Greenleaf Whittier book called Whittier’s Poems 1864Vol I Boston: Tichnor and Fields M DCCC LXIII. I would like to know it’s value and if I could sell it as well
    Thanks in advance for your assistance

  • I am looking for a children’s book that I had as a child in the late 1960’s – early 1970’s. I feel silly that I have to say that I do not know the title, author and I do not even remember what the story was about. I credit the cover of this book for saving me and taking me to a better place when things were happening to me that were awful. The cover had a 3D picture affixed to it. What I can remember of it was a big tree in a front yard with a tree swing on it made of two thick ropes with a wooden board for the seat. The background was of green grassy rolling hills, there might have been a little blue lake in the distance. There were no characters on this cover. It looked so real to me as a child I remember taking a knife to the picture thinking that I could some how open it I could escape into it.

    • My husband remembers a children’s book being read to him by his teacher, Ms. Ringingberg, in Columbus, Ohio, in the 1940’s. It was called either The Tales of Augustus Smith or The Adventures of Augustus Smith. It would mean so much to him to be able to locate this childhood memory. Please contact us if you have heard of this book. Thank you.

  • I am currently attempting to locate the following book written by Jody Via called “wheeldom of the wind” ant and all help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello there, I am looking for a book that I had once, but can no longer find. It had to have been removed from my library by someone and I have been trying for years to find it to no avail. Im almost certain I bought it at a used bookstore in Edmonton,Alberta, Canada on Whyte Ave, called The Edmonton Book Store. I hope you can help. I believe this book to be fairly obscure and also hard to find for a couple different reasons. Firstly, as far as I can recall, the name or title of the book was “The Book.” Also, there was no author. It was written in a way from like a greater “I” perspective or voice. There was lot of capital letter words throughout it and it was on the verge or inspirational and/or spiritual. A lot of ” I AM” and “the Light,” etc. It was roughly 11 inches tall, 9 inches wide , and about an inch or slightly greater in thickness. I don’t necessarily remember the title being on the cover or the spine, but it was a softcover, black, almost construction paper type material with an optical illusion type/symmetrical hologram on the front cover maybe 6 or 7 inches tall by 4 or 5 wide, centred on the cover. I recall it being published by a smaller publication society or maybe philosophical society, out of California. San something I’m pretty sure. I can’t remember … San Bernadino, San Del Mar, something along those lines I’m sure, I don’t know , I can’t quite picture it . Anyways. Every now and then, for hours, almost compulsively, I attempt to search these broad things anywhere I can on the internet, browsing images, etc. related to “The Book,” “I AM,” “no author,” “hologram cover,” “California,” and I can never turn up anything. Please help me find this book ! It is going to drive me crazy one day. Thanks so much in advance for all of your efforts ! -Kyle

  • My husband and I inherited his Mothers home in which was her Mothers home.This house was built in the 1860’s sometime during the Civil War,it is a 4 story home full of 5 generations of items.I found some really old books from McGuffey books,which aren’t in the best condition,but also found children books which I would like to see if they are worth any money.I have several of them I would like to list them and if someone could give me some info on them and the value they might be,I would greatly appreciate it.They were published by Scholastic Book Services,a division of Scholastic Magazines and are in very good condition. One that I have is Pippi Longstocking,by ASTRID LINDGREN,Translated from the Swedish by Florence Lamborn Copyright 1950 then says 6th printing Feb.1964,it is paper back.I also have Curious George by H.A Rey copyright 1941 the cover feels like a cloth cover.I’ve never done this before and also have other books one by Captain Charles King USA called Foes In Ambush,it has a green hardcover ,Grosset &Dunlap Publishers.copyright 1892.If anyone has info or advise I would greatly appreciate it.I have many other old books it would take me a long time to list them but if some one is interested please let me know.I also have a facebook acct you can write to me.Hope some one sees this and answers me back,thanks

  • I purchased a set of Ballard Real Property law books for my father. They are the originals from 1900’s. I am looking for the three missing volumes from this set- volume 1, volume 7 and volume 12.

  • Need to puchase used books by Dr.harold willimington, hendrinks on living by the book, 3o days to understand the bible by Max A, spiritual leadership, each 10 copies, Outlined Lecture Notes Warren Warsirbi On All Bible Doctrines, And Other Bible College Materials. Thanks George

  • I am looking for a recruit book from Parris Island for my uncle. I don’t know what color the cover might be. Either the green or red. I am looking for the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion-Platoon 223 or 209. The graduation date will be September 3 or 4th 1946. He reported to Camp Lejeune on Sept. 5, 1946. I am 90% sure the platoon is 223. The start date will be around July 10, 1946. That is the day he reported to Parris Island. Any help would be so appreciated.

    • I’ve searched Biblio and while I find some Parris Island recruit books, I’m afraid that I don’t see that specific year. I’m so sorry!

  • Looking for 4 books that belong to a set of 25, they are 3,5,6 and 13. The Anniversary Edition set is Works of Charles Dickens published by The Collier Press New York, it says electrotyped printed and bound by P.F Collier & son. Copyright 1911. If you can help me find them. I haven’t seen anything you have like mine, they are more like dark green in color hardback w/ onlong circles on the front. The Anniversary picture is in color ,where the ones in the book are black and white. Thank you If you give out your phone number I’d appreciate it.

  • Hi there, I’m looking to find the title of a book I read as a child. Only details I remember are that the main character was a girl, there was a dressmakers mannequin in her house that scared her. There was also a policeman who lived on her street and she used to walk carefully past his house – she didn’t want to walk too fast or too slow. I think it was called after the family’s name “The ….” but I cannot remember it! Any help appreciated.

  • Im looking for a small format perhaps a pocket edition of the Song of Songs, which is Solomon Son Of David, attributed to Solomonpreferably KJV, the most beautiful version. never to be surpassed rote for a couple more millennia, if ever. I need it for a very special lady. Thanks

  • I want to find a small-format book of ‘the Song of Songs which is of Solomon, the son of David, KJV, the most memorable and soundest version in English.Please help me. I need it for my widowed Lady Friend. Hopefully reading it might persuade her to give up her husband.

    I want to. order, I but I cant figure out how to order! as a 75-year old fart, I can scarcely figure out instructions online

  • I am trying to locate WPA children’s books from either New York City or from Pennsylvania. The NYC books are mostly paperbacks printed on brittle paper. The PA books are hardback science-themed books.
    I am also trying to locate from the WPA Iowa Craft Project , Farm Book, by Helen Johnson.

  • Hello, I am looking for a book called, “Deep South Showman” written by Versie Lee Lawrence. Thanks

    • Hello Marie. Better late than never! Deep South Showman ( Story of Eddie Wilson ) Publ. Carlton Press 1962. 1st edition hardback can probably be obtained from : Lorne Bair Rare Books. 661, Millwood Avenue Suite 206. Winchester VA 22601.USA. Phone (540) 665-0855. Price $85 (postage extra )

      Hope this is helpful ( if you’ve not located a copy elsewhere )

      Kind regards

      Geoff Booth ( Out of Print Booksearch ) Cheadle Hulme. Cheshire. UK

  • I’m looking for a novel I read in the 80s (maybe the 90s but more likely 80s) about the young female pilots of newly formed air corps to ferry the bombers stateside to somewhere during WWII. They were recruited because they needed all the male pilots to fly the actual combat missions. The story followed four of the women’s stories, one of whom was named Mary Lynn Palmer. I remember that because she was only 5’2″ and in the beginning when they met, one woman asked her whether the initials “MLP” on her luggage stood for “Mighty Little Pilot.” I remember a lot more of the story, but can’t claw the title out of my brain, much less the author’s name, so I have no idea how to find it. There used to be a website called “Bookfinders” that allowed you to search with just a character’s name, and I actually found a rare book once that way. Unfortunately, the “bookfinder” website I just went to only allows you to search standard information like title, author, ISBN, publisher, etc. Anyone here know how I can find this book? My copy was destroyed in a flood, along with over 70% of my other books I’d been storing in my stupid garage. What the water didn’t get, the mice did. It was heartbreaking.

  • Hi, I too am looking for a book I read as a child in the early 80’s. It was a hardback book with illustrations on the left side of pages across from white pages with text written in cursive. I remember it being about a forest and possibly an anthropomorphic badger or porcupine. Published in the sixties, seventies, early 80s?

  • I have a small book..Plaid hard cover ,Tales from Hans Anderson. New York Thomas Y. Crowell & co. No date. 301 pages. Does anyone have information on this one..can not find any….?

  • I’m looking for a book called “ VOICE OF THE WARRIOR “
    122nd Battalion
    2nd infantry division
    Camp Casey
    S. Korea

    It’s a yearbook from when I was stationed in S. Korea
    Would love to find one

  • The bottom road / Valerie Ward-Apps
    Bib ID 87158
    Format BookBook
    Ward-Apps, Valerie

    Description London : Minerva, 1998
    465 p. ; 20 cm.
    ISBN 0754100472 (paperback)
    Subjects Working class — Australia — Fiction. | Young women — Australia — Fiction. | Social conflict — Australia — Fiction.
    Form/genre Love stories.

  • My husband remembers a children’s book being read to him by his teacher, Ms. Ringingberg, in Columbus, Ohio, in the 1940’s. It was called either The Tales of Augustus Smith or The Adventures of Augustus Smith. It would mean so much to him to be able to locate this childhood memory. Please contact us if you have heard of this book. Thank you.

  • Hello,
    I am looking for the book of Hendrik Colijn: Mechanical Conveyors for Bulk Solids (Studies in Mechanical Engineering, 4) , ISBN 9780444424143
    Publisher: Elsevier Science Ltd. Please let me know if you find it or have it.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Hello,
    I’m looking for the book:

    ~1000 Artist Trading Cards~
    from Patricia Bolton.
    Thanks in advance!

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