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Introducing Commission Free sales!!!

Beginning Sept 1st, all qualifying bookseller to bookseller purchases will be commission free!

From the beginning, Biblio has strived to find ways of supporting independent booksellers. What booksellers need these days are more orders and fewer fees. To that end, we are proud to introduce Commission Free member to member sales on Biblio!

Booksellers are among the best book buyers. A significant number of the orders placed through Biblio are placed by registered Biblio booksellers buying stock, filling special orders, or just buying books for their private collections (booksellers are also book collectors, of course!). In the past, we’ve offered CashBack on purchases, but we want to do an even better job of increasing bookseller to bookseller sales on Biblio. Effective September 1st, all qualified purchases made by a BiblioDirect Member are commission free!

So what is a qualified purchase?

  • As a selling bookseller: You need to offer at least a 10% member discount and maintain at least 150 books for sale on Biblio on average. This should be easy since Biblio isn’t charging you commission. As long as you are passing some of that commission savings onto other bookseller members by offering a member discount, you won’t be charged commission on orders coming from other BiblioDirect members.
  • As a purchasing bookseller / customer: You need to be logged into your Biblio bookseller account when you place your order. When you are logged into your Biblio bookseller account when ordering, you will see the BiblioDirect member discounted price, and the bookseller you are ordering from pays no commission on the sale. Only Biblio’s payment processing fee applies if Biblio is processing the payment on the order.

That’s all there is to it!

To make this possible, we are phasing out fulfillment discounts and cashback purchasing incentives. Since the largest fulfillment discount that any bookseller could earn was only a few dollars per billing period, it wasn’t enough to be meaningful to most booksellers. Cashback incentives were effective, but weren’t as effective as we felt they could be. Instead of rebating a small percent of each purchases, we will simply be not charging you to begin with! By offering Commission Free Member to Member sales, we expect that Biblio booksellers will all see more orders and greater savings offered via BiblioDirect Member Discounts.


  • Thanks for this, but the link to the member discount accessed via the “member discount” above is incorrect – if you enter 5 into the box with a % sign you get a discount of 500%! Please correct this!

  • I see what the previous poster means. When I go to Member discount, I see 0.15%. I’m sure you mean for that to say 15% or 0.15 without the percentage sign. I thought computer geeks knew maths!

    (But this is a very good innovation. I hope it takes off.)

    • Sorry for the error in the percent posting. We’ve fixed the tool to update discounts, and fixed any discounts for any dealers who were accidentally offering more than they intended to.

  • Thanks for this benefit. This will certainly increase my book-buying within the Biblio family. Once upon a time, ABE offered a similar deal but then they got greedy. Now, as an Amazon front, they are charging commission even on shipping fees — a tremendous disservice to sellers and buyers alike. Hats off for showing ethical leadership.

    • Hi Ruth – nothing at all! All your dealer to dealer sales will be automatically commission free since you’re offering a 15% discount already.

  • While this sounds like a great idea, help me out here:
    – We have and continue to offer a 20% trade discount
    – When I purchased in the past, I then got up to 26% discount with the bibliobucks.

    So, is the thought that I buy more because I pay more? or buy more because of what? Last time I checked a buyer buys more because there’s an incentive for him/her to do so.

    With this, you will (potentially) get more sellers to list but at least for us, you’ve affirmatively created an incentive to buy less. But, as our buying on Biblio is only for a small 5 digit amount every year it probably doesn’t matter.

    I hope you’re tracking b2b sales and will see the impact of this change yourself. As it overall seems somewhat cost neutral to Biblio (or could be), I’m pretty sure I’m missing something.


    • Hi Joachim,

      Actually the intent here was (and is) to encourage more booksellers to offer discounts for dealer to dealer sales. Before this change, less than 40% of sellers offered a discount. After this change, more than 60% (and growing) are offering discounts on average of 14%. This additional passthrough savings will ultimately result in better savings for you as a buyer than the 6% cashback we were able to offer – not to mention more sales for you as a seller.

      You’re right, the change was fairly neutral for us in terms of costs.


  • I recently discovered your website and love it. Simple to use and you have fantastic books. I look forward to buying and selling.
    Vivan los libros antiguos. Hasta luego, SUSANA

  • I am new at all of this and am having the time of my life. From what I have seen Biblio is the BEST, they seem to care about the booksellers and in return I would gladly offer a 20% off to anyone who wants one of my books. I have tried a few, will not mention them but have never received the courtesy as I have with Biblio.

  • me agradaria ver una filial de este sitio en español, sería una forma extraordinaria de apoyar los libreros hispanohablantes.
    baje el software pero tengo dificultades con su uso, existe algun catalogo electronico para aprender su manejo?
    gracias por su invaluable apoyo.

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