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Search tweaks – update

Just a quick update on some recent fixes / updates we’ve been making to search over the past couple of weeks:

  1. Books slow to appear in listings.  We’ve had scattered reports of some books being very slow to appear in indexes.  This has been very difficult for us to troubleshoot as it hasn’t followed any consistent pattern, but has caused cases where some books might take up to several days to appear in searches, while most appear in the expected 1-3 hour timeframe.  We’re happy to say that we’ve identified and corrected this little loophole and dealers previously affected by this issue should no longer experience these long intermittent delays.
  2. Improved handling of diacritics in search.  We try to support as many character sets as possible in order to keep Biblio fully internationalized.  At times, however, it can be a challenge to properly “map” all incoming character sets to UTF-8, particularly when sellers are using older inventory systems or computers.  We think we’ve ironed out a better way recently to handle uncommon character sets and make certain they are properly searchable on Biblio.  We hope that dealers will see an improvement in the handling of their non-Western characters.

We’ll continue to improve our search over the course of this fall, and if you notice any continuing issues with the above mentioned or any other issues with your listings, be sure to let us know!

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