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The good and the bad of progress

Some booksellers have reported that the BISAC category selection is not working for them since the launch of Biblio’s redesigned website.

We are nearing the completion of a round of major changes to Biblio’s site, as I suspect all of you know by now. The look of the site was completely revised in careful concert with user focus groups to better meet the needs of book buyers.

At the same time that the look changed, some key pieces of technology were updated which has made Biblio work faster and more effectively, but has caused a few booksellers one particular difficulty.

Some booksellers have reported that the BISAC category selection has not been working for them recently. We know that the cause of this is the updated Javascript that makes other parts of the site better than ever. We have been diligently working, since the introduction of this problem, to fix that BISAC category selection for affected booksellers, and we expect that we will have this problem fixed shortly.

Thanks to all of you for your patience with this.


  • A Quick Update:

    Since reworking the BISAC catalog selection system in late August, we have had no new reports from booksellers of problems selecting BISAC categories for their listings, and are tentatively ready to call that issue resolved, but if you are still seeing any problems with that tool, let us know at Please include the computer operating system you are using (EG: Windows XP) and the internet browser you are using (EG: Firefox 3.1).

    Thanks again for your patience to those of you who were affected by this glitch!

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