Why Biblio is better for book collectors outside the U.S.

Transactions in a foreign currency
While Eisenberg's Transactions in a Foreign currency doesn't actually have anything to do with international currency exchanges, we're sure you won't want to miss out on this money saving tip for book collectors

(not that we don’t think we’re the best choice for book collectors in the U.S., too, but…..)

Its common knowledge that many online booksellers list their inventory across multiple venues: the same book, from the same seller, at the same price.  So the question often becomes, for the buyer: “which site should I buy this book on?”

And, of course, a common and fair question we get is “why should I choose Biblio over Competition-X?”

We’ve got many answers to that question, of course, but if you’re a book collector outside the U.S., here’s a tip you don’t want to miss its usually cheaper to buy the book on Biblio.

“How can that be,” you may ask.  “If the book is indeed the same price, then….”

Then… unlike our competition, which settle your credit card purchases in U.S. dollars, Biblio is able to charge your card in your own currency, whether it be Pound Sterling, Australian Dollars, Euro, Canadian Dollars, Yen, etc, etc.

Why is this significant?  This means you escape the foreign currency transaction surcharge on your credit card statement when you buy books on Biblio.com.  With many cards, this can be upwards of 3%.  Which, in turn, means that £150 purchase you made on Competition-X actually turns into a £154.50 purchase (assuming you get a decent exchange rate!), whereas the same book on Biblio would remain a £150 purchase.

We’ll keep sharing tips as we think of them, and meanwhile hope this is a great one to help out our book collecting friends outside of the U.S. in saving money on their Bibliomania!

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