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5 Reasons why booksellers should buy their books on Biblio

Next time you’re looking to purchase a book for yourself or a customer, look no further than or for both great savings and good cause. Here are the 5 reasons why we hope you’ll make Biblio your first stop for buying books

“Big-Box Swindle: The True Cost of Mega-Retailers and the Fight for America’s Independent Businesses” by Stacy Mitchell

Next time you’re looking to purchase a book for yourself or a customer, look no further than or for both great savings and good cause.

Here are the 5 reasons why we hope you’ll make Biblio your first stop for buying books:

5)  Support independents instead of the corporate Goliaths. With commission free dealer to dealer sales, more of your money goes to your fellow independent booksellers. Plus Biblio is a small, independent company just like you (just ten of us).

4) Many dealers list their books cheaper on Biblio than on other sites.  Because our overall fees are much lower than competing sites, dealers often pass some of that savings on to customers on Biblio.  This, coupled with the dealer discounts (see #2) can mean much cheaper prices on books.

3) More payment options.  Biblio offers DealerDirect payments.  You can receive and issue payments directly, or you can use Biblio’s payment processing service.   Biblio processes payments for orders in most major listing currencies pays booksellers in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros or GBP, which means fewer currency conversion fees.

2) Most booksellers offer a discount to fellow BiblioDirect members.  The average discount offered is 12.2%. (If you’re not already offering a discount to other members, click here).

1) No commissions on dealer to dealer sales. This means more of the sale (well, let’s be honest: all of the sale) goes into the pockets of your fellow booksellers.

For the cynics (don’t worry, there’s one in all of us)

So, what do we get out of all this effort to make Biblio the preferred place for dealers to buy and sell books to each other (and giving up commissions on dealer to dealer sales)?  Simple: we get to generate more sales for our booksellers, which in turn keeps our booksellers more engaged with what we’re doing, which provides us grassroots support to grow our sites – and sales – for everyone.  (Everybody wins).

What if Biblio doesn’t have the book I’m looking for?

Even with an aggregate inventory of almost 100 million books, this is bound to come up occasionally.  But, before you hang your head and trudge back to a big corporate site, check out BookGilt.  BookGilt is a meta search for serious book collectors.

Another great alternative search site is Marelibri.  Marelibri is a meta search engine cooperative among independent sites such as Antiqbook, Livre-rare-books, Maremagnum, ABAA, PBFA, IOBA, Biblio and many more.  In fact, nearly all independent book sites are represented on Marelibri: sites that all share the following requisites:

  1. Must be independently owned and operated.
  2. Must work with professional booksellers (no attic sellers)
  3. The owner(s) must be present or former independent booksellers

Together, Marelibri brings together the best of the best from the independent sites and represents an equivalent 100 million+ aggregate inventory as the “commercial” sites, so please bookmark it, use it when you need a meta search, and help keep independents working together for a better industry!

What if I list on IOBA/ABAA, but not on

All 5 good reasons still apply for you too, including the dealer discounts!  You don’t have to actively list on or to take advantage of all the perks that go with being a BiblioDirect member.

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