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Commission free sales begin NOW!

The cheapest place to sell is now free for dealer to dealer sales!

What better way can Biblio support independent booksellers than giving independents a way to support each other? Starting now, your orders from other Biblio booksellers are COMMISSION FREE, as long as you are offering at least a 10% discount. Since you aren’t paying commission to Biblio, you can give back to other booksellers by passing some of your savings on to them and encourage more sales!

Biblio has worked hard to come up with innovations to help the independent bookseller. When Biblio first introduced no monthly fee sales, we became the most cost effective place to sell.

Sometimes progress means looking at the past for answers. At one time, commission free dealer to dealer sales was common practice, but internet book selling has changed over the years, and the idea of commission free sales quietly fell by the side.

We’re proud to put Biblio’s money where our mouth is, proudly in line with independent booksellers. By providing Biblio’s technical resources to booksellers to purchase from each other commission free, we are giving power back to internet booksellers.

Support the world of independent booksellers by buying books from Biblio booksellers and save money!

Make sure that your Member Discount is at least 10% so that you will qualify for commission free sales!


  • I’m happy to offer discounts to brick-and-mortar bookstores but frankly, sellers who solely exist on the internet don’t contribute to their community by generating visible jobs, enhancing the local retail scene and promoting literacy within their community. Sorry but that’s how I feel so I don’t offer an online discount. When someone asked for one, I checked them out via the Internet and if they had a physical store, I’d give them a ten percent discount. Of course, now that took over credit card sales, I can’t do this anymore.

    • Hi Bienville,

      We certainly respect your position on offering discounts. One clarification:

      Of course, now that took over credit card sales, I can’t do this anymore.

      Actually, you still can discount the item for the dealer post-purchase. Simply click on “Adjust Charges” from the order detail screen when processing the order.

  • Cudos!
    In all ways, Biblio has become the venue of choice for savvy sellers: Reciprocal discounting, coupons, promo tools galore, no monthly fee, and now commission free seller-seller sales. We do a LOT of book buying on the web for clients, and we always check Biblio first, as it is our venue of first resort.

  • Thanks for, once again, thinking of us sellers! As for the comments by Bienville Books, many internet sellers (including those who have no open shops) have employees, do book searches for their community and generally contribute to local literacy. I am not sure what is meant by “visible” jobs. Is a job only honorable if it is at a counter or in the public square? I detect some sort of elitism here.

    Anyway, thank for the financial help…and I have always given 10% discount to fellow sellers.

  • The principle is excellent – the implementation is not. Why not put a hot link in the message so I can offer a discount immediately? Navigating Biblio’s website is not without pitfalls.

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