Feedback wanted: new “grouped” search results

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Screenshot of Biblio's new "grouped" search results in action

We’re testing new functionality in our search and are asking for your feedback and input!

As you know, Biblio is constantly working to improve its site to become the very best site for discerning book lovers, book collectors and booksellers everywhere.  This week, we’re trying out a new way of displaying search results (only in certain cases, see below), and would love to hear your thoughts.

What are “grouped” search results?

“Grouped” search results means that instead of showing all matching copies to a particular book search (which often contain numerous copies of the same book, we show the unique matching titles (from which you can click to see all matches for that particular title).

When are you showing / how can I see “grouped” search results?

Right now, the grouped results only show up when you perform a keyword search using the search widget in the top right hand corner of the screen. When you do a keyword search from this box and we find more than 20 individual books matching your search, we’ll try to group them for your convenience.  (Note, if you include additional parameters, like “signed” or “first editions”, we will never group the results).

To see all the matches for a particular book in the list, click on “Compare prices.”  If you prefer to see the full (traditional) search results to the grouped list, click on the link that reads “Click here to view individual matching copies of these books”.

This is a new feature we’re just beginning to work on, so its not perfect yet (is anything, ever?) and we’ll need your input and suggestions to get it as close as possible to perfect!

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6 Responses to “Feedback wanted: new “grouped” search results”

  1. Mel Slade

    Nice !


    Please excuse my not having paid sufficient attention to what has been transpiring at BiBlio.Com. I like very much some of the changes that I am able to pick out(I have been away for a bit and do beg poor memory retention as my excuse for not remembering the ‘before changes’). The overall ‘look’ of your presenting page is quite ordered, functional, yet retains a ‘design quality’ to it. Function(the old form/function play)is there, without loss of visual form. Kudos, Gordon

  3. Mark Holmen

    Please give searchers a way to block the “print on demand” which clogs every search.

  4. Paul Hodireff

    I’m looking for a Russian language translation of ‘Travels with Charley’ by John Steinbeck. There does not seem to be any way to enter that into your searcher.

    Any suggestions???

  5. Biblio

    Paul Hodireff: Try our guide to finding non-English books on

  6. Sam Benady

    I second Mark Holman’s request (No. 3). I want to search without being overwhelmed by ‘print on demand’!


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