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When Biblio lauched, we were proud to be able to offer an inventory selection and representation of Biblio booksellers that specifically appealed to the UK and EU book buying market. At the outset, we achieved this selection by limiting enrollment in the program. UK and EU based booksellers were automatically eligible to sell books on

Since the launch of, we have worked on ways of improving the customer experience.

In past months, we introduced a default search results order for customers that gave them matching books based on the least expensive copy, including shipping to their location. This helped better serve the customers’ needs, as well as promoting local and regional book shopping on the internet.

Of course, customers don’t just look for the cheapest copy. Customers are still given options search by attribute, such as First Edition or Signed copies, as well as book condition, and full selection of search options that Biblio customers count on.

To further promote customer experience, we are now looking to increase selection. With that in mind, we will gradually be adding the inventories of booksellers in good standing to

  • What this means for customers is more selection.
      The site is designed to promote and highlight booksellers local to that customer first, but more inventory means more customers will find what they want on
  • What this means for current booksellers is more customers!
      More customers will be coming to the site, which means more chances for sales!
  • What this means for Biblio booksellers hadn’t previously been able to sell on is more chances to sell books with no extra work!
      You don’t need to do anything to ensure that you will be included, your inventory will be automatically added to search results in coming weeks!


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