Simplifying price comparison on books

Single Variable Calculus
Even James Stewart's popular calculus textbook might not be able to help you find the best deal on used books as our new bulk search tool!

Price comparison on books and textbooks can be a chore.

If you’re anything like me, you probably stock up your bedside table in bursts, ordering several used books at the same time.  Very likely, you also find yourself rifling through dozens of book searches and possible ordering combinations to arrive at the best bundle price including shipping and delivery.  And that can take some time – and fancy calculus.

Sometimes, I enjoy the challenge of the hunt.  Others, I just want to order my books and be done.

Enter Biblio’s new Bulk Book Search (OK, not the most catchy name, but as you know, we love alliteration).

The new bulk book search allows you to specify a list of ISBNs, the condition you’d prefer, and where you’d like the books shipped to.  And, then it does all the hard work of analyzing every possible combination of dealers and books to arrive at the perfectly priced cart for your order.  All you have to do is simply check off the copies you want, and add them to your cart!  Perfect for the avid reader, or the student looking for cheap textbooks.

So, please, give it a try and send us your feedback.  We’d love to know if it works for you, and of course, how we can make it even better.

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4 Responses to “Simplifying price comparison on books”

  1. Carl Scott

    That is clever. Once again Biblio is way out in front with their ideas.

  2. Levi

    The linked search is no longer working – /please/ bring it back.

    • Amber

      Done, and done! All should be back online, sorry for the glitch!

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