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Why Should I Support Independent Bookstores?

Reasons and resources to encourage people to shop locally and support their independent bookstores! is an online marketplace for independent booksellers. We exist in order to provide a venue where local, independent bookstores can reach a global audience.

We love our local bookstores, and foster the belief that a book that has been owned, read and cherished only adds to its value and enriches its history. Many of our customers aren’t looking for just any old book; they’re searching for a genuine experience that hearkens back to the touch and smells of an old bookshop from the dark days before the Internet. We strive to create this tangible experience with Biblio’s vast inventory of rare, out of print, and otherwise hard to find books, an inventory which is cultivated by our independent sellers.

Why is shopping at Independent Bookstores such a big deal?

As an independently-owned and operated company, we understand the importance of independence among our booksellers and customers. With increased globalization and big-box companies reducing competition, we’re doing what we can to revitalize the small business economy by creating quality connections between readers, collectors and booksellers, and promote healthy business competition. The words “consumer” and “supplier” are not used around our office.

The things that independent bookstores have to offer include a depth of experience, convenience, employees who tend to be more engaged with their inventories, contact with local authors and books from your area, and many other small but significant perks.  Healthy bookstores can offer community outreach programs and events to promote literacy and celebrate the world of the written word.

Offering your active support by choosing to shop at local, independently-owned businesses means that dollars, jobs, and taxes remain in your community, fostering unique shops, happy citizens, and a diverse selection of products offered by people that you know.

Consider this: Local retailers tend to purchase more of their goods from local suppliers, as well as other services. Hometown banks, local accountants, and advertisements on local radio and in community newspapers directly stimulates your town’s economy on a small but steady scale. When you shop at an independently owned business, your entire community benefits!

How do I find my local Indie bookstores?

Book Stores on –  Enter your zipcode to find a listing of Biblio booksellers with open storefronts in your area.  You can search their inventories on Biblio, and then stop by and show them some love in person, save on shipping fees and reduce your carbon footprint.

For more resources on finding the indie bookstores in your area, check out


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