What's on your shelf?

The Guardian book blog and their Flickr group, My Bookshelves, a collection of user-submitted photographs of their home library indexing systems.

A bookshelf image from Flickr user on MyBookshelves

There is a new project in the works for the Guardian, the UK online news source.  Their book blog has created a group on the image-sharing site, Flickr, where they encourage their readers to send in snapshots of their bookshelves.

From their website:

“Are you pedantic when it comes to arranging your books? Do you place them on your shelf in order of height, colour, or age, in the order you buy them, or do you have a more complicated system? Do you place novels side by side only if you think the characters in them would get along in real life? Whatever your reasons for your ordering scheme, we want to know. Upload photos of your bookshelf to this group, and tell us why you chose the books, what they mean to you, and the idiosyncrasies of your cataloging system.”

Visit the group here:


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