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Canada Post Strike

Greetings! As I am sure, many of you have noticed the news about the rolling Canada Post strikes currently affecting deliveries to and from Canada.

If you have recently shipped to an address in Canada, we encourage you to contact those customers as a courtesy to let them know that there may be a delay in receipt of their order due to the Canada Post rolling strikes. This is especially true for orders sent via USPS Media Mail.

For new orders that have not yet shipped, you may wish to look at other mail service options, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, or similar private companies.

If you are a Canadian bookseller and a rolling strike is scheduled for your area, you may wish to put your shop on vacation during that time period.  For more information and a guide to putting your shop on vacation, click here:

For our Canadian booksellers who receive payments from Biblio via check, this might be a great time to switch to Direct Deposit (paid twice monthly, no extra fees).

Thank you, and please feel free to direct any questions or concerns to

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