Rare Book Gallery Feature: F. Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald signatureWe gathered up beautiful and rare copies of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels, plays, story collections, even ephemera–including his college yearbook–and put together one of our favorite Biblio book galleries.

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4 Responses to “Rare Book Gallery Feature: F. Scott Fitzgerald”

  1. Patricia Stegman

    I had no idea that Fitzgerald had written all these other books which I have never heard of! 2 or 3 of his books are madly famous; the others seems to have fallen off the earth. I cannot afford these first editions; but I am going to try to get some of these other novels, if possible, in more affordable versions.

  2. Masayoshi Nishina

    I want to order a book.Tell how to doit.

  3. unnikrishnan b

    Even I would like to get a copy of these rare books.

  4. Elva

    Same with me, Patricia…and I’ve been reading him for 50 years. Perhaps they are different collections of his short stories


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