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Biblio Inventory API Documentation

Please note: this API is currently in BETA, so please be sure to contact us if you have any problems, requests or questions.

At this time, the Biblio API is reserved for affiliates and booksellers only. We do not currently support a public API.

Affiliates and booksellers can access the complete inventory via RESTful API using the instructions below.

Set up an account and request an API key

In order to get started, you must first register an account on  Once you have done so, or if you already have an account, please e-mail our marketing team using the e-mail address under which your account is registered and request an API key.

We will respond to you within 3-5 business days (often sooner) with the API key that you will use to access the RESTful API.

Configure the key

Once you have your API key, you’ll need to configure your code to send it in the headers with each request to the API.  This will look something like this:


Accessing the API

The url for accessing the API is as follows, and must be accessed via SSL:

Querying the API

All parameters are passed via GET and include the following:  (Please note, not all options are necessarily documented below, so please let us know if you don’t see something you need – we may have it already available.)

Search criteria parameters

  • isbn – 10 or 13 digit
  • title 
  • author
  • fulltext
  • publisher
  • illustrator
  • publish_date – when an item was published (4 digit year)
  • publish_place – where an item was published
  • biblio_sku – get the details for a specific sku (numeric)


Result filters

  • first_edition – (true|false)
  • signed – (true|false)
  • jacket – has a dust jacket (true|false)
  • format – binding (hardcover|paperback)
  • book_condition – minimum condition requirements
    • 0 = unknown or poor
    • 1 = fair
    • 2 = good
    • 3 = very good
    • 4 = near fine
    • 5 = fine
    • 6,7 = new
  • minimum_price – (default in USD, see result preferences below)
  • maximum_price –  (default in USD, see result preferences below)
  • minimum_publish_date – (4 digit year)
  • maximum_publish_date – (4 digit year)

Searching specific subsets

  • seller_id – search a specific Biblio seller’s inventory (numeric)
  • make_an_offer – search only items with Make An Offer (true|false)
  • all_rare_book_rooms – search only items within a rare book room (true|false)
  • rare_book_room – search only items within a specific rare book room (numeric)
  • all_sales – search only items on sale (true|false)
  • sale – search only items within a specific book sale (numeric)
  • ship_from_country – search only items shipping from specified country (3 digit ISO; eg USA, GBR; default USA)

Result preferences

  • currency – return results in specified currency (3 digit ISO; eg USD, GBP; default USD)
  • ship_to_country – return results with shipping calculated to specified country (3 digit ISO; eg USA, GBR; default USA)
  • results_per_page – how many results to return (default 20)
  • sort_field – (price|author|title)
  • sort_direction – (asc|desc)
  • aid – for Biblio affiliates – this will pre-format the links returned to ensure you get referral credit.  If you are a Share-A-Sale affiliate, this will be your numeric SAS ID, otherwise it will be an alpha-numeric ID issued to you by Biblio.

Parsing API Results

The return format for all queries will be JSON.

The return stack will have a structure like this:

  • status
  • messages
    • id
    • text
  • data
    • meta
    • results
      • […]

Example Queries¤cy=USD&sort_field=price&sort_direction=desc&minimum_price=50


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