Textbook Season is here!

Don’t spend an arm and a leg on textbooks this semester!

It is time to buckle down and prepare for the next semester of college courses!

  • Search by ISBN if your professor has provided them.  Searching for a college textbook by title and author alone can provide search results that include multiple editions of the textbook, but the ISBN is particular to the edition for which it is issued.  You can even search with multiple ISBNs with our Bulk Textbook search!
  • Buy an older edition:  Textbook publishers put out new editions of textbooks every few years or so, and often the changes between editions consist mostly of changing the page numbers and the order of chapters. The contents often remain considerably unchanged.  You can ask your instructor if their lesson plan will work with a previous edition of the textbook.
  • Order EARLY!  As the semester gets underway, demand for textbooks (especially used textbooks) at cheap prices increases dramatically.  This not only limits the availability of the particular textbook edition you’re looking for, but can also increase market prices.  Buying early ensures you get the textbook you want at the price you want – when you need it.
  • Ship EXPEDITED!  The peace of mind is truly worth the extra few dollars.  Both shipping rates and estimated delivery times can vary widely among different sellers.  Review shipping rates, and choose between standard or expedited shipping, on the shopping Cart page, before you continue to Checkout.

After the books have arrived:

  • Returning a Textbook:  Did the professor give you the wrong ISBN?  Did the seller send the wrong thing?  Mistakes can sometimes happen, especially at high-volume textbook season!  But we’ve got your back.  If you need to return a textbook, contact Biblio customer support and let us know.  We’ll be happy to assist in the return process.  Check out our 30-Day Return Guarantee policy for more details.

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