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The Moon Hoax

“The Moon Hoax, or a Discovery that the moon has a vast Population of Human Beings”. New York, William Gowans, 1859.

 The folks at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County have started sharing some of the ephemeral gems from their pamphlet collection.

This one caught my attention:

On searching the plain, over which we had observed the woods roving in all the shapes of clouds in the sky, we were again delighted with the discovery of animals. The first observed was a quadruped with an amazingly long neck, head like a sheep, bearing two long spiral horns, white as polished ivory, and standing in perpendicular parallel to each other. Its body was like that of the deer, but its fore-legs were most disproportionally long, and its tail, which was very bushy and of a snowy whiteness, curled high over its rump, and hung two or three feet by its side. Its colors were bright bay and white in brindled patches, clearly defined, but of no regular form. It was found only in pairs, in spaces between the woods, and we had no opportunity of witnessing its speed or habits.

Copy of this scarce item available here

POD copies available here

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