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Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Bibliology is now accepting posts from potential guest bloggers.

What type of content are we seeking?

The world of books and book collecting is enormous and full of amazing niche interests, so there is more to write about than we can dream of covering by our staff! Our main readers are collectors and booksellers, or dedicated bibliophiles.  We will accept posts from guest bloggers related to:

  • Book-collecting
  • Bookselling
  • Book repair
  • Collectible book identification (numberlines, etc)
  • Book arts
  • Author profiles
  • Genre and Niche specific topics (ex: pulp fiction, specific bindings, art book collectibles)
  • “How To” and “Top Ten Lists” are popular formats

Submission Guidelines

Original Content: When you submit a post to Bibliology, the post must be original content that you have written exclusively for use on Bibliology and Please do not use the same article on your own site, blog, or other websites, although you can post a blurb on your blog or site to help cross promote the post as it appears on Bibliology.

Links:  We will allow relevant links in your article, and we ask that you include proper attribution for your sources. You may link to your own site in your author bio, but affiliate links and overly promotional posts are not allowed. Biblio reserves the right to add links within an author’s text to other posts on Bibliology or specific listings on Biblio sites.

Length: We have no minimum or maximum post length requirements, but we do prefer that posts be at least 200 words. Longer posts may be less likely to be finished by a casual reader, so do keep that in mind.

Review and Editing:  Biblio reserves the right to edit your post as needed for grammar.  Don’t worry, we will not rewrite your post, but minor changes to the title, photo, or other small features may be required. If there is something larger to edit, we will consult with you first. We also reserve the right to refuse any articles and to remove a published post as necessary.

Author Bio:  We welcome you to provide an author bio of no more than 150 words, and you may also provide relevant links to your blog or website in this section.  If you wish to provide a head-shot image or shop logo, please ensure that it is 300×300 or smaller, and low resolution.

Images:  Each blog post on Bibliology should have at least one image to go along with it.  If the photo that you wish to use is not your own, please have permission and proper attribution from the photo source.  If you do not have an image, we will add some that are relevant to the post theme.

How to submit content:

  • Send your post as an attachment (Word or Open Office document) to
  • Images in .jpg or .gif should also be attached.

Once we have accepted your article for publication:

  • Biblio will publish an accepted post at our discretion.  It might be a few days, weeks, or even months before we share the post, depending on any relevant themes or promotions that we are featuring.
  • Biblio uses social media to promote blog posts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  • We encourage you to also share the post to your social media followers, and to respond to any comments on the blog post.
  • You may occasionally receive requests for guest posts on specific topics to a network of our publishing partners who have expressed interest in guest blogging. You may opt out of that list at any time.

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