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Happy (American) Labor Day from Biblio!

Even though approximately 40% of Americans will be working on Labor Day, we hope you all get to enjoy some of the last bit of summer before that nip of fall hits the air.


The Jungle
by Upton Sinclair

The plight of the working man and woman has long been a focus in literature, and we have collected some amazing works of fiction that showcase the struggles and triumphs of various labor movements.  Many of the books featured below are classic works of American and European literature, and there are many rare and antique books that could be included.  Even though these books were written decades ago, they continue to hold special significance in the ongoing discussion of labor rights and organizing political power in our societies.  The passion these authors so clearly hold for their fellow person is truly inspiring, and if you are interested at all in worker’s rights, you would be captivated by any of the books listed below:

Wired has a great article on labor issues explored in fantasy and science fiction, and has particularly powerful words to say about labor issues that can be found even in works like Harry Potter, writing, “Using a powerful-yet-oppressed magical people like the house elves to explore those issues, in addition to having a character like Hermione who is staunch in her activist beliefs even while derided by her all-magical classmates, allows kids (and adults!) to draw a clear and powerful parallel between the fantasy they love and the realities they are forced to confront in their everyday lives.”

We at Biblio hope you and your family have a fun and safe Labor Day today!

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