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Please note that Boundless products are no longer available through (as of August 2014)

Boundless: Online textbooks used by millions of students!

The cost of textbooks shouldn’t be a barrier to education, that’s why Boundless is bringing affordable textbook alternatives to students everywhere. Boundless creates online textbooks and learning tools that improve education for millions of students and educators.

Boundless Textbook Alternatives

Boundless textbook alternatives align to leading textbooks in more than 20 subjects, including biology, sociology, and art history, and are available for only $19.99 each. These books align to students’ assigned readings on a chapter-­for-­chapter level, so they can save money and still be prepared for class. Plus, Boundless textbooks are made for any device so students can study from the library or on their smartphone!

As if Boundless’ low price tag wasn’t enough, these online textbooks also come with study tools, like flashcards and quizzes, and never expire.

Study Tools with Custom Learning Technology

Each $19.99 Boundless textbook comes with built­-in study tools that are proven to help students study more effectively. These study tools include:

● Flashcards: Smart flashcards measure when you are likely to forget important material, and prompt you with the right flashcard at the right time to boost your memory.
● Quizzes: Expertly-­created, integrated quizzes challenge you while you read at key points within the text.
● SmartNotes: Review key points and terms summarized by experts for your book.
● Notes: Save notes automatically to your Boundless notebook.
● Highlights: Mark up key concepts or important examples inside your book.

These study tools are so effective at helping students study, that 94% of users report getting the grade they wanted or better by using Boundless!

Get Started with Boundless!

To search for Boundless books on Biblio, simply enter the ISBN number from your assigned textbook into the Biblio search bar. Boundless books show up as an ‘Alternate Edition’ to your assigned textbook.

After purchasing a Boundless book, you will receive an email from Boundless within a few hours providing you with your login details to where you can read and study from your Boundless book. You can also download the Boundless App for iPad and iPhone to login and view your book whilst studying on the go.

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