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Girls and Comic Books

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Being an adult female comic book reader is not as rare these days as it used to be. I was introduced to comics at the age of 8 by my older brother. I first read the well known staples like Wonder Woman, Little Lulu, The X-men, The Fantastic Four and so on. When I was a girl it was harder to find comics geared towards a female reader as the comic book world was dominated by male writers and artists. Over the years, many more comics have been released that appeal to female readers, at last!

Here is my top 5 list of comic titles that may help a girl make space on her bookshelf for comics:

1. Archie Comics (Archie Comic Publications, Inc.)

I know, I know…Betty, Veronica, and Jughead – that goofy gang? Sure, because this comic is always a good primer and a way for a girl to ease into comics. The stories are usually about friendship, making positive choices, and silly adventures. Archie comics appeared in 1939, making it one of the longest running comic series in the world. These days, the comic has become more modern with real time issues such as the internet, modern dating, and even sexual identity. This is a positive and easy way to invite a young girl or tween into the world of comic books. Also check out Betty and Veronica, Jughead, and Betty comics – most of the gang has each had their own series!

2. The Wonderful World of Oz (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has been producing the Oz Books by L. Frank Baum. These books were created by Baum who was an advocate for women’s suffrage and women’s rights which should appeal to any girl or woman. The artwork is whimsical and the story is well known so it is easy for a girl to dive in.

3. The Plain Janes (Minx a Marvel line)

I loved this comic. It was released by Marvel in an attempt to make a girl’s line of comics, but the series never took off. The comic is based around Jane, a big city girl who moves to a small town and is thrown into a high school hell. She eventually makes a tribe of friends all named Jane who create a secret art gang. Perfect for tweens and teens who are having a hard time making friends in school.

4. Batgirl: The New 52 (DC COMICS)

Gail Simone is one of the most refreshing writer voices in super hero comics today. She captures the essence of Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) in a way that any girl or woman can relate to. This version of Batgirl is strong and independentm, and a really powerful voice in the female super hero genre. I highly suggest this comic series.

5. Fables (Vertigo)

Vertigo is one of my favorite comic book publishing companies as they have released tons of amazing comics since the 90’s. Fables is exactly what the name calls to mind, the story of Cinderella, the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Beauty, and so on, but dealing with being in the modern world, exiled from the lands they once lived in harmony by their adversary. The art is astounding but the writing is a little mature for younger girls so this one is geared to teens and up. Currently one of my favorite comics I am collecting, I highly recommend this to any girl who loves fairy tales.

I want to close this top 5 list with an amazing book that can be a good resource for a girl or women interested in collecting and reading comics. Trina Robbins is a long time female comic artist and writer who has written several books on the history and study of women in and of comics. One of the best books by her to date on the subject of women and comics is From Girls To Grrlz : A History Of Women’s Comics. This book explores the amazing but true history of girl comics. From the 40’s on up to the zine movement of the 90’s, Trina writes a fun and easy to process history book. I advise any girl into comics or curious about comics to add this to your collection today.

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