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Help to support the Fourth Annual Festival of Reading in Sucre, Bolivia!


BiblioWorks believes that healthy communities require healthy minds, and so does! That’s why we founded Biblio Charitable Works in 2005 and have been helping to support BiblioWorks in their building of libraries, supplying books and training librarians in the poorest communities of Bolivia ever since. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, they also need support from donors like you.

To date, 12 libraries have been built in rural Bolivia. BiblioWorks trains librarians to run the libraries, which are embraced as community facilities that help boost the literacy of children and adults alike. Books are provided in both Spanish and Quechua, the native tongue of Bolivia.

For three years running, BiblioWorks has put on a Festival of Reading in Sucre, Bolivia. This event brings the whole city together and puts books in the hands of children happy to have something new to read!

There is currently a fundraiser going on to help fund the Fourth Annual Festival of Reading in Sucre, Bolivia.  A $10 dollar donation will help to buy books for two children and help them discover new adventures through their imaginations. $50 will buy learning resources for ten children to help them achieve the highest possible outcomes in school. $100 will pay for the running costs of one BiblioBus that will bring hundreds of children from the far reaches of Sucre to the doors of the festival.

Share this post, or their Indiegogo campaign, and spread the word! Please help out however you can so that these students can continue to enjoy their books and share the love of reading with their community!

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