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#GivingTuesday 2015: Donate with Biblio


Biblio is an excited participant in #GivingTuesday 2015!

#GivingTuesday comes after #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday – the holiday hashtag trifecta. Instead of telling you to buy, buy, buy, it encourages you to give, give, give. Give time, give energy, and if you can, give money to charitable organizations that are doing good in your community.

I’ve seen articles written by those who grumble that the #GivingTuesday movement is being abused by marketers trying to make their brands look better. While we can see why some would feel that way, we continue to participate because the heart of #GivingTuesday is true. The flow of holiday consumerism has a mighty tide, and any message that can break through to remind people how their money or volunteer time can help in the communities around them is worth boosting!



Let’s be honest. Biblio is a business. We will be a small part of the “BUY!” side of the holiday game, but that isn’t the only message we care about. (Full disclosure: we do have a #cybermonday coupon planned. Join our email list if you want one!)

We make an honest effort year-round to make a positive change in the world. Celebrating #GivingTuesday lets us highlight a few awesome non-profits that can always use a little help.

This year, Biblio will give you a chance to help out BiblioWorks and the Childrens’ Defense Fund.

From Tuesday, December 1st until Tuesday, December 8th, we’ll match every single round-up donation made in our shopping cart! Buy a book and change the world!

biblioworks logo #givingtuesday on biblioBiblio Charitable Works (BiblioWorks) is a non-profit that we founded in 2005. BiblioWorks maintains that literacy and education are important for the creation and vitality of sustainable communities and cultures. After the success of the first library project in Morado K’asa, Bolivia, they have continued to share the love of books by building libraries and train librarians in the rural areas of Bolivia. These libraries function as community centers, including assisting with book drives, clothing drives, and tutoring programs for the citizens of these impoverished areas.

Ways to help BiblioWorks:


CDF-logo-full-colorChildren’s Defense Fund is a non-profit started in 1973. CDF is a non-profit child advocacy organization that has worked relentlessly for more than 40 years to ensure a level playing field for all children. They challenge the United States to raise its standards by improving policies and programs for children and champion policies and programs that lift children out of poverty; protect them from abuse and neglect; and ensure their access to health care, quality education and a moral and spiritual foundation. Learn more.

Ways to help Childrens’ Defense Fund:

Even if you don’t need to buy a book and can’t donate through Biblio, go out and find a way to help your community! Volunteer at a local food shelter, or start a collection for a nonprofit that once helped you. Visit the #GivingTuesday site to learn more about how to participate!


  • I like that you are working on the literacy issue. But what about illiteracy here in US? US students–no matter whether they are in private/public schools are appallingly illiterate. We need to encourage our children to read and encourage our teachers to actually teach.

    • Indeed! The Childrens’ Defense Fund does encourage education. We also support a group local to us in Asheville, The POP Project, who helps get books in the hands of kids in need.

      We have always worked with a wide variety of non-profits, and choose new groups to assist every year. I wish we had more to give to everyone!

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