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Clarita loves to be read to! Can you help us build reading corners in the libraries in Bolivia?
Clarita loves to be read to! Can you help us build reading corners in the libraries in Bolivia?

“Clarita likes to sit on the librarian’s lap and listen to stories while she follows the text and pictures with her eyes. After the story is over she plays with games, while recalling words that she saw in the book. Clarita has become a favorite among all of the volunteers that come to Pampa Aceituno to work with our organization. She learned to read at the age of four, something that would have never happened without the support of the Reading Corners program.” read more at

A Reading Corner is a space in the library that is dedicated to children ages 4 to 8. These areas are intended to be a comfortable area with a rug, pillows, games, books, and other learning tools for young children.

BiblioWorks is raising funds to create these cozy corners in each of their libraries ever since the Reading Corner in Pampa Aceituno has gone over so well with the children and librarians!

Please show your support for literacy in Bolivia and help to provide these children with educational resources.  Donations of any amount are happily accepted, but here’s some suggestions to show just how much you can help!

A $10 donation covers the cost of two books for children to read and enjoy for years to come.

A $25 donation covers the cost of two reading games to make reading an enjoyable habit.

A $50 donation covers the cost of learning materials for ten children to participate in fun activities.

A $100 donation covers the cost of a rug or pillows for 20 children, where the children can sit comfortably and read or listen to stories.

Biblio Charitable Works, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and will provide a tax receipt for each donation.

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