Unknown Beatrix Potter Story Discovered

Unknown Beatrix Potter Story Discovered - via Rare Finds on Biblio.com
via Victoria & Albert Museum

“The Tale of Kitty Boots”

A previously unknown Beatrix Potter story was discovered in the Victoria & Albert archive in London. The story will be published for the first time this fall with illustrations by Quentin Blake.

Two years ago, Penguin publisher Jo Hanks found mention of the unedited story, entitled “The Tale of Kitty Boots,” in a letter that Potter wrote to her publisher in 1914.  A search through the Victoria & Albert archive eventually uncovered the story as well as a rough sketch of Kitty-in-Boots.

New Beatrix Potter tale uncovered - via Rare Finds on Biblio.com


The story remained unfinished when Potter died in 1943, despite intentions from the author to finish it  Other Potter letters in the V&A archive reveal that she struggled to return to Kitty-in-Boots after a series of real-life interruptions such as keeping up with the daily chores of sheep farming.

The Kitty-in-Boots story attracted illustrator Quentin Blake to the project, known in particular for his illustrations of the Roald Dahl books. Blake said “It seemed almost incredible when, early in 2015, I was sent the manuscript of a story by Beatrix Potter; one which had lain unpublished for 100 years and which, with the exception of a single drawing, she had never illustrated.”

Image: Beatrix Potter/Frederick Warne & Co. & the V&A Museum.

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5 Responses to “Unknown Beatrix Potter Story Discovered”

  1. Karen

    How is it different from Puss in Boots?

  2. Pamela Pappano

    How can I get on the list for a 1st edition of this new Beatrix Potter book? Thanks.

    • Amber

      Here’s some more details we found online: The book is due to be published on 1 September 2016 (ISBN 978-0241247594) by Frederick Warne & Co, the publisher of Potter’s other works, which since 1983 has been an imprint of Penguin Group.

  3. Rev. Katharine Winter

    Is it possible for you to notify me when the first print copies of this new Kitty-in-boots story by Beatrix Potterare available?
    I am assuming here, that you will have them available… please let me know if this is not the case?
    Thank you.

    • Amber

      Hello! We are a marketplace site where thousands of sellers list their books – hopefully a few of them will have the new Beatrix Potter when it is published in September!


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