BiblioWorks Fifth Annual Reading Festival is coming soon!


Kids read in Sucre during the literary festival.

April is Literacy Month!

Do you believe in the power of literacy?

Literacy has the power to open new doors to people and allows for economic, cultural and social growth. We hope to engage the population of Sucre through innovative reading activities that promote healthy debate about some of the toughest issues Bolivia currently faces.

Biblioworks has designated April as literacy month, so we will be bringing the joy of reading to Sucre via two exciting events:

  • Sucre Reads is a fun activity where our staff and volunteers ride on local buses sharing books and reading with passengers and drivers.
  • The Fifth Annual Reading Festival is a full-day activity that introduces children and adults to the love of books and reading. It gathers more than 2,000 students from different schools in Sucre and is open to the public as well. More than 20 organizations present their projects and programs encouraging literacy.

You can help BiblioWorks in their efforts to spread the love of reading in a few ways:


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