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“Bookman & The Lady” on selling books

Bookman & The Lady (biblio.com)

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A Biblio bookseller, Bookman & The Lady, recently wrote an article for Ohio about their business and their love of books.

Here’s a snippet:

And yet we do sell books. Actual physical books that people still buy, even in this age when every form of media can be delivered digitally and often instantaneously.

I can understand why a person would say that…that no one buys books anymore.

And yet, people like to talk about books, whether they’re doom and glooming it about the decline of the book or mourning a burned down library or – in what is happily more and more becoming my reality – talking about how much they love books. And, in so far as our very subjective experience as people who sell books goes, people do buy books.

(Click here for the full article)

Their northern New Mexico online shop specializes in rare and collectible books and vintage clothing: http://www.thebookmanandthelady.com/

You can view the bookish part of their inventory at their Biblio storefront.

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