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Explaining it all: Encyclopaedia Britannica

encyclopaedia britannica, eleventh edition

Listed by Digital Editions on Biblio

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition on

Listed by Digital Editions on Biblio

In a recent article for the Chicago Tribune,  Donald Liebenson takes a look at the new book Everything Explained That Is Explainable by Denis Boyles.

The book is about the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. This acclaimed edition of the encyclopaedia was published in 1910-1911, and was made up of over 44 million words bound in 29 volumes. It is considered the bar by which scholarly reference books are measured.

Liebenson was kind enough to mention in his article that Biblio has copies of this edition for sale. It is true! The specific listing they mentioned is from the bookseller Digital Editions in New Jersey. The complete 29 volume set comes with it’s own lovely, vertical case. As the bookseller describes in their listing, this edition is “The ultimate encyclopedic reference for the historian (or any other scholar who wishes to discover the “state of knowledge” in his or her specialty before 1910.”

The case is included in the listing, as well as a buckram-bound “Reader’s Guide” – all for the price of $10,850.00 USD.


Check out the listing and it’s full description here.

Here’s ALL of the eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica on Biblio at this time.

Read the full article about the book on the Chicago Tribune here.

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  • I am very pleased that the collection has been in it`s much loved state. I do think however it is a shame that it will be purchased by a very wealthy collector and therefore will not be available to be viewed by the general book lover !!.

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