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Muhammad Ali Passport at Auction

Muhammad Ali Passport heads to auction (via FB&C and Biblio.com)


Muhammad Ali, who died on Friday (June 3, 2016), has coincidentally been on my mind for the past few weeks.

In preparing an article on collectible passports for the Fine Books & Collections upcoming summer issue, we zeroed in on one very significant passport coming up for sale this week: a replacement passport issued to the three-time heavyweight champion in Dublin, Ireland, on July 19, 1972, the day he defeated Alvin Lewis. Ali used this passport for the next eighteen months, a busy and important period of his professional boxing career.

Interest in this piece of sports history was always going to be strong, and now, it would seem, it will be intense. The passport goes to auction at Bonhams New York on Wednesday, conservatively estimated at $25,000-35,000.

Look out for the auction’s results and more on collectible passports in our summer quarterly.

Image Courtesy of Bonhams.

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Reprinted with permission from Fine Books & Collections, Rebecca Rego Barry, author

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  • i remember the day Mohammed Ali showed up at the Arizona Resort at an event called “Fight Night”. It was 2004….I was told that he was going to be there…I was excited beyond words….I stood in the crowd and found myself cheering as a fighter myself…it was as though my heart and my spirit knew this was the right decision to show up….and meet him…and…then he got out of the car and walked passed on the car ..staggering a bit…he turned my way in the crowd. and looked directly at me as i cheered him…..at that moment all went silent around me and and his gaze was louder than anything I could hear.all time stood still as eternal messages beyond explanation of the human speech passed between us in his deep gaze he said” I know you…..you know what you must do…carry the torch…..God loves you and i both as we fight for what is right !!! Go and do it…. and then the long stare stooped and he turned straight ahead again and walked into the building…..i left speechless with a burn in my heart that has never left me to this day in solemn reverence for the God we all live under and into the future we all must face as humanity…God rest you King…..see you one day in the great mighty halls hopefully again.I hear the mighty epic music that can serve you no less among kings of old….and now you rest waiting for the next to do there work and carry us all into a final victory at the last bell of our Lords coming and the final resurrection of all created by Allah ,including the great kings on earth of which you are one. Peace,… ….Your fighting brother John ……..

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