Rare Birds: An American Family

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Yesterday’s Google Doodle of the day was about a famous bird watcher named Phoebe Snetsinger.

Phoebe was born on June 9, 1931 and passed away on November 23, 1999. During her 68 years on Earth, she managed to spot 8,393 separate bird species, a record that still hasn’t been beaten!

As people noticed and appreciated the Google Doodle, we noticed traffic to a particular listing of a book, Rare Birds: An American Family.

This book is not *just* about Phoebe Snetsinger, although her story is featured strongly. Penned by Dan Bessie, Phoebe’s cousin, the narrative tells of the whole family and their interesting tales.

From the publisher: “…the author details the numerous and often extraordinary achievements of his family. His uncle Leo Burnett headed one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, his father’s cousin helped found the Athenaeum Press, and another uncle, Harry Burnett, founded a Los Angeles theatre.”

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