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The Reading Festival (Sucre Lee!) takes place in Sucre, Bolivia every year. It is the largest event organized by BiblioWorks! The main goal of the festival is to promote reading habits among children.  Annually, Sucre Lee gathers around 2,000 student and has over 20 organizations helping to spread the love of reading!

They are raising money to help facilitate the event, and they need your help!

At this event, staff and volunteers board public buses in the Sucre area and distribute free books as well as facilitate discussion about why reading is so important. The staff explains what Biblioworks is all about and the resources they make available to the community. They also advocate for participation in community libraries and encourage every one to read.

It takes a lot of work to run! Last year’s event was run by 3 BiblioWorks staff members, 2 interns, 11 volunteers, 2 scouts and 10 zebras…

Recently, the BiblioWorks team in Sucre moved into a new office to better accommodate their hard work! The office is an approximately 15 minute walk from the central plaza of Sucre. Here, our team in Bolivia will continue their awesome work to promote literacy, build sustainable libraries, and positively impact communities in Bolivia. The BiblioWorks team are now planning the April Literacy Festival from this new home.

Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps spread literacy!


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Every donation, no matter how large or small, helps spread literacy!

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