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Tips on buying bulk religious materials on Biblio

Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments, Red Letter Reference Edition, listed by Rebooksellers (2017)

If you are in the market for multiple Bibles or other religious instruction books, we have a couple of tips for your search.

To start, it is most helpful to have an ISBN number for your desired book. All Bibles and books printed after 1970 will have an International Standard Book Number, otherwise known as an ISBN number. Since a unique ISBN is generated for each edition of a particular book, the ISBN is the best way to search for books. Of course, books printed before 1970 may not have an ISBN, or that information may just not be available. If that is the case, having the full title and author is best. Keep in mind that Bibles and religious instruction books tend to have common titles or address similar topics, so if you don’t have an ISBN, be prepared to search through many similar-looking books for the title and edition you want.

Once you have your ISBN or title/author, then you can start your search. Since most booksellers on Biblio only have one or two copies of any given title in stock, so you may need to source your books from multiple sellers. If you are looking to purchase the books from a single seller, we have a handy way to pare down the potential results.

First, go to Biblio’s advanced search page, and supply the ISBN in the appropriate field (or the title/author, if applicable). Then, scroll down past the initial search button to ‘More search options’, and put the number of copies you are looking for in the ‘minimum on hand’ field. Then hit ‘SEARCH’.

If a Biblio seller has that many copies available for purchase, you will see them in the results page. But if none of our sellers offer that many copies, the page will say ‘No Results Found’.

Buying in Bulk? Check with the Publishers

If you are looking to purchase a large quantity of a single title and you aren’t finding a single seller through Biblio, you may want to contact the publisher directly. Some publishers sell their titles directly on their site, and even if they don’t, they may have links and contact information of booksellers who offer their titles exclusively.

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