These Edgar Allan Poe Illustrations are Nightmarish and Amazing

Illustrator Harry Clarke perfectly embodies the quiet terror and overwhelming claustrophobia of Edgar Allan Poe’s most loved stories.

If you enjoy not sleeping and jumping at every noise your house makes, you should really check out Tales of Mystery and Imagination, a collection of stories by Edgar Allan Poe. First adopted in 1908 by Padraic Colum, the collection has been published and reproduced by many publishing houses, but the most memorable editions feature illustrations by famed stained glass artist and illustrator Harry Clarke. The black and white illustrations of some of Poe’s most famous stories are unsettling and disturbing, reveling in detail and able to capture the feeling of claustrophobia that made Poe’s writing so distinct.

Harry Clarke illustration of the story “The Pit and the Pendulum”

Collecting Harry Clarke illustrations of Edgar Allan Poe stories

If you are looking for a highly collectible copy of Tales of Mystery and Imagination, look no further than this signed limited edition offered by Honey and Wax Booksellers. This copy is number 100 of 170 copies signed by illustrator Harry Clarke.

The stories of Edgar Allan Poe are famous not just for their own merit, but for their contributions to the tradition of Western literary horror and suspense. His words are masterful on the page, and they lend themselves so well to visual mediums, and Clarke captures the mood and spirit of the stories perfectly. Fans of horror and fantastic illustration are sure to love this copy of Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

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