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A bookish holiday gift tradition is born!

One of the delights of the holidays is in sharing beloved books with loved ones, especially the young children in the family. Choosing books can be tough when you’re trying to find the perfect gift for an adult with a myriad of interests, differing political views, or less of an interest in reading than you. Kids, on the other hand, are pretty easy to please. All books are new books, and your favorite books from childhood can become their favorites, too!

During the last holiday season, we received a lovely email from Julie-Ann Nydegger in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who purchased a signed copy of The Littlest Christmas Tree: A Tale of Growing and Becoming, for her young niece Kathryn. Julie thoughtfully also gave Kathryn a potted Christmas tree to go along with the book so that they could plant it and watch it grow!

Here is the tale in Julie’s words:

My niece Kathryn loved the book that we gave her along with a 1-year-old Christmas tree in a pot to go with it. They plan to plant it in the yard and read the book every year as it grows. Here’s my Mom reading Kathryn the book as an early Christmas present.

It was such a special present and it will be one of those special books not kept with all the others, one that is brought out only at Christmas time so she can rediscover the story again each year and think about her little Christmas tree growing like she is!

What a sweet tale! One little gift that will now grow into an annual tradition with so much meaning to little Kathryn and her family, which has grown to include a new little brother named John. Before you know it, they’ll be reading their special book together! We hope it continues for a long time.

Now – what holiday tradition can you start this season?

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