May 2020: The Biblio File podcast & Literary Tourist Recap

The Biblio File podcast and Literary Tourist are two projects by Nigel Beale, an interviewer, writer, bibliophile and tourist with a love for bookish destinations. Nigel has allowed us to share his podcast and Literary Tourist posts for our bibliophilic readers. Enjoy!

The May 4, 2020 episode of The Biblio File podcast, featured Helene Atwan, Director of the not-for-profit publisher Beacon Press, to talk about the house’s storied history, its social justice mission, and exactly how Helene runs the show…

In the May 11, 2020, episode of The Biblio File podcast, host Nigel Beale questions biographer Blake Gopnik about Andy Warhol and the writing of biography. Was Warhol a Jerk or a Genius, or more importantly, did he make fools of us all?

Suicide among middle-aged male Boomers is at epidemic levels. On the May 6, 2020, episode of The Biblio File podcast, host Nigel Beale sits down with Don Gillmor to talk about his award-winning memoir To the River,  Losing my Brother. The two discuss the book and what it’s like to have a brother kill himself, on the latest episode of the podcast.

Literary Tourist in Review

As part of an ongoing series of articles tracing the adventures of Nigel Beale, The Literary Tourist – the following posts describe a visit to New York and present the back-stories to Biblio File podcast episodes that were recorded there late last year. 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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