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Are there Book Fairs for Grownups?


Modern book fairs are a little different than you may remember from your elementary school days, but for a Bibliophile, the excitement and opportunity to find bookish gold are the same. 

Book fairs are a way for independent sellers of used, rare, and unique books to showcase their most interesting and valuable finds for customers. There is no place like a book fair to engage with like-minded collectors and book enthusiasts. 

With that in mind, you are invited to the first-ever Antiquarian Book Fair – a virtual book fair experience for book collectors. It will be open March 24-26, 2022, from 12:00 PM EDT Thursday– 8:00 PM EDT Saturday.

Preregister today and get $10 BiblioBucks to use during the fair.

Why is Biblio hosting a virtual book fair? 

With its first virtual book fair, Biblio wants to expand the reach of traditional antiquarian book fairs. We believe that a broader audience could benefit from these fairs that traditionally cater to serious book collectors and dealers. We want to also include those who are new to book collecting, and whose love of books as physical objects transcends the limits of geography and the traditional demographic hierarchy of the trade. 

And a virtual book fair is the perfect way to do that! 

What is the point of a Virtual Book Fair? 

While a virtual book fair is a little different from a physical one, there are many advantages! 

Browse from the comfort of your home! 

Being able to do things without having to leave the house is why we love the digital world, right? You can browse and buy without having to figure out how to carry all your books safely out into a rainy day. 

A Virtual Fair is perfect if you’re new to book collecting! 

Book fairs can offer a crash course to those new to book collecting. You can gain valuable knowledge while browsing, and when you view virtually, the internet and its resources are available in another tab! Use the Biblio Book Collecting Glossary to look up terms you don’t understand, or you can reach out and ask the bookseller if you have a question! We will have a live chat function in place, allowing you to correspond with booksellers in real-time. The virtual book fair will be a gathering of minds with the foremost knowledge in books right at your fingertips! 

So browse! Ask questions! Talk to dealers! 

But what should I look for at a book fair? 

You’ll definitely find books, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and everything in between. You can find special books: first editions, signed copies, association copies, and other unique copies of beloved titles. Browse books from all eras in all themes:  medicine, literature, arts, sciences, fashion, cookbooks, photography, and spirituality. Explore children’s books, history, illuminated manuscripts, fine bindings, and incunabula. 

You’ll also find more than “just” books – enjoy browsing the art prints, maps, historical documents, letters, and ephemera listed by professional booksellers. 

Ephemera is often a big draw for serious collectors on a budget or with a specific niche of collecting. Ephemera is defined as paper, posters, or other documents not meant for long-term preservation. These can include playbills, letters, photographs, matchbooks, and illustrations, as well. These delicate and one-of-a-kind pieces get special attention during a fair. 

How do I search for items at the fair? 

To start, you can browse by interest or category, such as photography, cookbooks, art, or poetry. If you are into literature, you can search by author or title and sort by price. Give yourself time to poke around and read through the sellers’ descriptions. If you find an item that you like, make sure to, browse that particular bookseller for similar listings. 

But what is exclusive about a fair? Can’t I usually find the same items on Biblio? 

Rare book dealers are constantly renewing their inventory with new and exciting items. Often they save the most interesting of items to sell on a more personalized basis at a fair. The fair platform allows extra attention to be given to these special pieces by the exhibitors and provides a curated crowd of buyers that includes discerning collectors and other dealers. This exclusivity factor adds to the excitement and uniqueness of the event. 

How do I sign up? 

Help your search by getting preregistered for the fair! Set your price range, currency, and username to chat with booksellers during the fair. Visit the buyer information page to learn more and get preregistered today!

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