Tips on buying bulk religious materials on Biblio

If you are in the market for multiple Bibles or other religious instruction books, we have a couple of tips for your search. To start, it is most helpful to have an ISBN number for your desired book. All Bibles and books printed after 1970 will have an International Standard Book Number, otherwise known as an ISBN number. Since a unique ISBN is generated for each edition of a particular book, the ISBN is the best way to search for … Continued

Collecting a Series

Regardless of what book series you choose to go for, the collecting experience is invariably fun, and the end result unquestionably appealing on the bookshelf.

Varieties of Book Binding

Books appear in a wide variety of different bindings. The variety of book binding presentations has a rich heritage, from the first scrolls of the ancient world through contemporary mass-market paperbacks and unbound ebooks.

Bookbinding History

The earliest scribes engraved their records into wax tablets, palm-leaves and a variety of scrolls. The antiquity of scrolls as a method of preserving information now lends a sense of tradition and formality for many ceremonial documents and religious texts. Parchment pages sewn to wooden boards encased in leather comprised the first actual bound books. Clasps often held these books shut, because they tended to spread open over time as the pages swelled from moisture in the air.

Ornate decoration and embossing typified books during the middle ages. Animals, angels, and stories covered both the covers and interiors of books. Paper, introduced in Asia between the ninth and twelfth centuries dominated books by the end of the medieval period. Printed books standardized bookbinding in a way that was not possible for individually crafted volumes. (more…)

FAQ: How do I find audiobooks on Biblio?

Searching Biblio for Audiobooks

Image: an example of how to search for audiobooks
An example search form entry to find audiobooks on Biblio

Do you enjoy audiobooks? If you like having your stories read aloud to you, we can help you find them on Biblio.

Since each bookseller on the Biblio marketplace uploads their own inventory, we do not have direct control over book descriptions and their details, so there are many ways to find what you are looking for.

When you are performing a search on Biblio, use the word “audio” in the keyword field along with the book title in the title field to see all audio selections. Here is an example with “Lord of the Rings” in the title and “audio” in the keyword field:

Now, if you check those search results, you will notice that some listings are for cassettes, while others are on CD.  We may even have a seller or two with vinyl recordings, if you search hard enough!  Make sure that you click all the way from the search results into the book detail pages to read the full description before you make your purchase.

You could also search by author name in the appropriate field, and the word audio in the keyword field, if you want a broader search of an entire author’s works.

If you need more details about a listing, you can always contact the bookseller directly, or if you need help with a transaction or order status, you may submit a ticket to Biblio support.

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Are International Edition Textbooks Legal?

International Edition textbooks listed on Biblio are marked by this image.

Are International Edition Textbooks Legal?


For years now, we have been hearing that question asked by concerned students, booksellers, publishers, and college professors.  The selling and buying of International Editions within the US has been considered a grey-market area for many years – while not specifically restricted by law, it is definitely frowned upon by the publishers themselves.

An International Edition textbook is a version of a textbook that has been published for intended distribution outside of the U.S., and they are much more cost-effective than the new U.S. editions.

On March 19, 2013, the recent Supreme Court decision of Kirtsaeng vs. John Wiley & Sons upheld the “First-sale” doctrine, which means that International Edition textbooks are allowed to be sold and purchased within the US.  It also upholds the right of anyone to sell or otherwise dispose of their purchased material however they choose, which means that college students are still able to resell their textbooks when the semester is over!

For more details about exactly what an International Edition is, and the potential differences between US and International Editions, check out this post:  What is an International Edition textbook?


What are Incunabula?

Herbarius zu teütsch unnd von allderhandt kreuteren, offered by Martayan Lan
Quadragesimale di filio prodigo, offered by D & E Lake Ltd. (ABAC, ILAB)

Incunabula (incunabulum, plural incunable or incunabula) are books, pamphlets, or broadsides that were printed in Europe before the year 1501.

The word itself is derived from the Latin word incunabula, which means cradle, or swaddling clothes, referring to the very beginning of the art of publishing. This term first appeared in a Latin pamphlet by Bernhard von Mallinckrodt in 1639.  His phrase “prima typographicae incunabula” means “the first infancy of printing” in reference to any printing done before the year 1500, an arbitrary date chosen by Mallinckrodt.  By the late 1600’s, this term was used to describe the physical books from that time period.  A less commonly used term for “incunable” is “fifteener,” referring to the fifteenth century.

You can find incunable and other special collectibles in the Rare Book Room.

Click any of the Incunable images to view their full descriptions on!

How much is my book worth?

A very basic guide to valuing a book using the resources available on How much is your book worth?

FAQ: What is an ISBN?

A definition and explanation of the ISBN system for book identification, and tips on using them in online book searches.