FAQ: How do I find audiobooks on Biblio?

Searching Biblio for Audiobooks

Image: an example of how to search for audiobooks
An example search form entry to find audiobooks on Biblio

Do you enjoy audiobooks? If you like having your stories read aloud to you, we can help you find them on Biblio.

Since each bookseller on the Biblio marketplace uploads their own inventory, we do not have direct control over book descriptions and their details, so there are many ways to find what you are looking for.

When you are performing a search on Biblio, use the word “audio” in the keyword field along with the book title in the title field to see all audio selections. Here is an example with “Lord of the Rings” in the title and “audio” in the keyword field:


Now, if you check those search results, you will notice that some listings are for cassettes, while others are on CD.  We may even have a seller or two with vinyl recordings, if you search hard enough!  Make sure that you click all the way from the search results into the book detail pages to read the full description before you make your purchase.

You could also search by author name in the appropriate field, and the word audio in the keyword field, if you want a broader search of an entire author’s works.

If you need more details about a listing, you can always contact the bookseller directly, or if you need help with a transaction or order status, you may submit a ticket to Biblio support.

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What Not to do to a Book: A Top Ten List

Water-damaged Book
Oh, this poor thing.

Books, especially old and antique books, can be finicky and temperamental. To keep your collection in pristine condition, be sure to avoid the following pitfalls of book ownership.

1. Do not expose to water or damp atmospheres

When wet or damp, pages quickly wrinkle and become brittle. In some cases, the ink can run and spill onto other pages.

 2. Do not place pressure on the binding

Age, quality, and use can all result in weakened binding, and undue pressure can cause pages to fall out and the binding to split.

 3. Do not subject to harsh or ultraviolet lights

Books with hand-drawn or fragile illustrations and platings can become dull when exposed too frequently to ultraviolet lights or camera flashes.

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Problem: You have been ambushed by your friends to babysit their kid on Friday night. They don’t want to pay a 15 year old $12 an hour, and you want to be nice, so you agree and refuse to take their money. After all, you are a good friend. However, there is just one little thing: you hate children. Well, you don’t hate them, you just really can’t stand them. Their grubby little hands freak you out, and they refuse to be quiet for more than twenty seconds when they show you how long they can hold their breath.

You may kind of hate kids after all.

Solution: To ensure that none of your friends will ever ask you to babysit their children again, just read them one of these super creepy kids books below. Trust me, after the parents come home to sobbing children who refuse to let go of their arms and insist on sleeping in the master bed for at least two weeks, you will never be asked to babysit again.


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