Editing bibliographic data

As many booksellers know, we’ve used bibliographic data supplied by third-parties such as Bowker and Muze in the past to augment date and provide navigational context to listings on Biblio.

Early this summer, we made a switch to our own internal bibliographic database, which allows us both far more flexibility, but also the ability to edit and correct data in a direct and timely fashion rather than relying on third-party sources.

And, now we’re extending this editorial control to booksellers, too:  when you’re logged in to your bookseller account on Biblio, you’ll be able to directly edit this bibliographic data too, correcting any errors or omissions.  Simply navigate to an “ISBN page” for the data you want to correct (e.g., Cold Sassy Tree) and look for the link that says “Edit bibliographic record,”  just under the author’s name.  Click on it, and you should be able to edit the bibliographic record, as well as add an image or a summary of the book (we’re sure it goes without saying, but please do be mindful of others’ copyright when doing so and don’t copy and paste other people’s summaries verbatim).

We’re very pleased with this new system of handling bibliographic data, and hope you are too as we work together to provide more accurate information for booksellers and customers on Biblio.